How To Be Everything: Are You a Multipotentialite? (With Emilie Wapnick)

How to be everything with Emilie Wapnick

A while back I had an email from my friend Emilie Wapnick asking if she could use me as an example in her forthcoming book. I was so excited to hear that she had been given the chance to share her message for those of us who have a variety of interests and creative pursuits.

And then I got a little bit terrified at the prospect of being used as an example!

“Wow, what an honour! Of course. But are you sure..? Me?”

The book is out this week in the USA on Harper Collins. I read it a couple of weeks ago as I prepared for our interview. By that point I had forgotten she was using one of my guest posts in it…

Boy, it’s weird seeing your name appear on the pages of a book that you’re enjoying.

When I saw it, I shrunk back, all shy and retiring. It was like if my name had just been called out in the airport terminal because I’m late for the plane (thankfully that’s never happened). Or the staff in the restaurant emerged from the kitchen with a cake, all singing happy birthday.

You know, that uncomfortable, “aghh, shhhh people are looking” kind of thing.

How to be everything with Emilie Wapnick

How to Be Everything

The book is an absolute triumph. It’s the perfect companion for anyone (and I know many gentle rebels subscribe to this) who feels pulled towards different interests and creative pursuits. It’s chock full of examples of people doing life on their terms, mixing and matching (“smooshing” together) different interests and making it work.

Emilie has filled the book with priceless practical exercises that readers can follow in order to make sense of our own multipotentialism. To find the perfect mix of meaning, variety, and financial support in life.

In this week’s podcast I have an interview with Emilie about the book and about living a life of multipotential meaning in a world that often places higher value on specialisation.

In this show you will discover:

  • How the book was written, and why Emilie didn’t lose interest half way through!
  • Why multipotentialites are going to be increasingly valuable as the economy evolves and employment becomes less secure
  • The different models of multipotentialism and how to make sense of them for yourself
  • Why place, community, and the voices you immerse yourself in matter to your wellbeing
  • How to become self-motivated when you just can’t seem to get yourself moving towards the things that truly matter
  • Where to buy the book…How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up