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Welcome to The Haven!

This is an encouraging refuge for gentle travellers and sensitive souls looking for a break from the world's restless noise, where you will connect with new friends and a deep breath of playful creativity.

It's a tonic for anyone despairing of the state of the world right now. And a place of non-judgemental support to inspire you as you connect with your what makes you tick and the avenues you want to explore next.

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you?

  • "I have so many interests and desires that make it hard to focus and be present on what I'm doing right now"
  • "I have a heavy sense of responsibility for everyone and everything around me"
  • "The weight of the world's suffering can make creativity feel trivial and unimportant"
  • "My momentum is often completely derailed when small things don't go to plan"
  • "I don't think of myself as particularly creative"
  • "I usually assist and encourage other people (and I don't often ask for help)"
  • "I need it to be perfect before I'm ready to let others see it"
  • "I seem to hit the same obstacles even with different projects and people"
  • "The wind leaves my sails, and I tend to give up when I am judged or criticised"
  • "I lose heart when I compare myself with other people"

If you ever find yourself saying similar things, you're in the right place!

The Haven is an online village for deep processing, quiet, and sensitive souls. It's somewhere to re-connect with your natural rhythms and bring your innate creative spirit to life.

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It's a space where you can safely put down your armour and allow yourself to breathe. Your imperfections, ordinary silliness, and unique depths are welcomed, respected, and embraced. It's somewhere to connect with your ageless inner being. To release and rewrite the stories, sink into a state of rest, and build yourself and your physical world from the inside out.

The Haven began life in 2014 as somewhere for quietly creative and sensitive souls to connect in ways that aren't always possible elsewhere.

I wanted to build a space untouched by the world's noisy chaos and restless pace.

That's when I first met my now great friend and Haven "sous chef", Tuula Ahde. Tuula has been a huge support and sounding board for me over the years. She has helped me create this sanctuary of safety and support for those of us who need (and crave) time and space to process the world deeply.

So if you're someone who feels overwhelmed by the pressure to do more, indiscriminately "push to the limits", and "hustle", I invite you to slow down and experience the world with a gentler, firmer, and more creative spirit.

It All Starts With Creative Spirit

It might not always feel like it, yet creative spirit resides in all of us. It's the fuel that drives our hopeful longings and playful curiosities. But the path can become blocked, derailed, and force us to turn back (or follow someone else's road). Especially for quiet, sensitive, conscientious types.

In The Haven you will find resources to rekindle your creative spark and let it illuminate the path ahead, alongside a deep-hearted community of gentle souls around the world.

Creative Practices, Processes, and Prompts Give Us:

  • An increased sense of calm and perspective in a noisy world
  • More focus and purpose when things feel uncertain and out of control
  • Anchors to better prepare for and respond to life's unexpected challenges
  • The buzz from spontaneously connecting dots and bringing happy accidents to life
  • New horizons of possibility and potential for the future
  • The inner glow of pride at accomplishments you never imagined possible
  • Conditions for sub-surface healing and recovery
  • Steady growth of confidence in your ability to respond and adapt to an unpredictable world
  • Opportunities for friendships, connections, and collaborations

There is always another chapter waiting to be written, song waiting to be sung, belly laugh waiting to burst, heart-to-heart waiting to comfort, and picture waiting to be painted.

Are you ready to see what's waiting for you?

Whether you need some respite from life's noise, feel confused about what you want to do next, or you'd like to connect with "your people", you're in the right place.

Our online village contains resources, conversation forums, play prompts, and live happenings to help you come home to yourself, connect with like-minded people, and ignite your creative spark.

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Inside You'll Discover...

Live Happenings

Workshops with invited experts from a range of fields, co-being sessions for working/playing/resting "alone together", and book club explorations.

Member Forums

Learn and grow together, asking questions, sharing resources, and engaging the diverse hive mind. There is guidance and encouragement for new endeavors if you want it. And opportunities to bring out your inner-silliness in co-regulation with others.

Prompts For Play

Explore and experiment with safe practices aimed at loosening the grip of weighty seriousness that might hold back your creative courage.

Learning Resources

Courses, expert interviews, and workshop replays to inspire, equip, and encourage you on your journey home through accidental creativity.

Sound Anchors

Ambient music and narrative meditations to provide a foundation for rest, out of which clarity, focus, and action is ready to flow.

Member Testimonials

"It is a place for sensitive and/or introverted people to remove the masks we feel obligated to wear out in the larger world and breathe freely, speak freely, and grow freely with others who are doing the same."

"We all want to feel a sense of belonging and connection. A place where we feel 'at home’, where we are accepted and most importantly where we can be true to our inner self. I’ve found this in The Haven, provides nourishment for the heart, soul and head…and Andy brings such a caring humble and intelligent spirit to his creation."

"The Haven is where I meet my “tribe” and my authentic soul can emerge and feel safe and utterly accepted. In this community I feel like I’m wrapped in a big warm hug and given a mug of hot drinking chocolate…"

“The Haven provides a safe space for quiet rebels to learn how to take care of themselves, excel in their own way, and feel understood and accepted. It’s perfect for the quietly ambitious!”

"To me, the Haven is a place to belong. It is where deeply caring and thoughtful people come to connect and to share. It is a place of healing, a place of comfort, a place of rest, but also a place to be inspired, and a place to grow. It is a place to feel at home. 🥰"

"The Haven has been a useful place where I have felt at home amongst other people who share similar characteristics to me. I have benefited from learning more about being a HSP from the activities offered, wisdom shared and information given.”

"My world is so chaotic and overwhelming. I really appreciated the rare peaceful companionship of the live cafe. Andy has done a wonderful thing collecting us from around the world and providing a cozy place for us to coexist."

"Andy's authenticity, generosity in giving credit to others as well as his fresh and insightful thoughts has generated a great space. I am positively addicted to this supporting community of creative, fun and goodhearted people."

"The depth of Andy's wisdom continues to amaze me. He expands on his wisdom in true artist style with the people he invites to share of their experience for you to learn in a way that inspires and gives you a sense that you have discovered your tribe.”

Who You Will Find Inside

I'm Andy Mort. I am an ambient sound artist, songwriter, and professionally qualified coach (I like the term 'Slow Coach'). I facilitate spaces for creativity and rest, to help weary travellers exhausted by the pace and pressure of modern life. I help deep thinkers and sensitive souls develop practices to process and respond in sync with their pace and rhythm, so their inner spark is (re)kindled and the road ahead illuminated with possibility.

The community is full of warmth and encouragement. And if you need any help while you're here, Tuula and I are always nearby.

<b>Andy Mort</b> | UK<br>Founder and Creative Co-ordinator
Andy Mort | UK
Founder and Creative Co-ordinator
<b>Tuula Ahde </b>| Finland<br>Assistant Co-ordinator and Sous Chef
Tuula Ahde | Finland
Assistant Co-ordinator and Sous Chef