“The Haven provides a safe space for quiet rebels to learn how to take care of themselves, excel in their own way, and feel understood and accepted. It’s perfect for the quietly ambitious!”
– Joanna

Are you an introvert and/or highly sensitive person, who wants to experience your temperament and the world as a gift and not a curse? You're in the right place!

The Podcast


What is a HSP?

“The depth of Andy’s wisdom continues to amaze me. He expands on his wisdom in true artist style with the people he invites to share of their experience for you to learn in a way that inspires and gives you a sense that you have discovered your tribe.”
– Kaitlyn

“Andy’s authenticity, generosity in giving credit to others as well as his fresh and insightful thoughts has generated a great space. I am positively addicted to this supporting community of creative, fun and goodhearted people.”
– Tuula

“I look forward to each month’s topics and how they will enhance my way of being in the world. What an incredible resource!!”
– Brenda