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The Home For Gentle Rebels and Quietly Creative Misfits

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Welcome Home


This is your Haven. A virtual world of encouragement, inspiration, and community for people like you, who want to plug into their natural tranquilityjoy, and creative courage to gently counter the self-destructive, hyper-active demands of a world that often forgets to take a breath.

I imagine you’ve arrived here because you are a reflective person with a caring, creative, and compassionate spirit?

You know there’s so much more within you, waiting to burst into life. But maybe you don’t quite know where to start or how to bring it out in a way that feels good to you.

If so, you’re found the right place. The Haven is a virtual online village of resources and community, full of people like you.

- Global Community -
Meet Like-Spirited People

The Haven community is built around interest groups. So whether you want to meet people with similar passions, or learn new things, you can connect with gentle like-spirited souls in the process. And you are always welcome to share your own interests by starting a group of your own.

- Deep Personal Growth -
Life-Changing Resources

The Haven is built on cycles and seasons of breath and becoming. We are stepping into who we are, not down one linear tarmac road, striving for some pre-conceived destination. But gently peeling back layers and peering into the mystery and magic of unimaginable beauty and joy.

- Rest and Recharge -
A Restorative Environment

Whether you want somewhere to call home, or you just need some temporary respite from our noisy world, you can use The Haven as your sanctuary. Get the encouragement, support, and inspiration to find your footing and build your life with more meaningful intention.

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- Who Am I? -
Hi, I'm Andy

I'm a songwriter and professionally qualified (slow) coach. My life has been shaped by a diverse and disparate set of interests, endeavours, and explorations. It's not been linear or coherent in many respects, but I continue to forge and nurture strange and gentle pathways to bring it all together in ways that feed a joy-fuelled life of surprising happenings, becomings, and opportunities.

I built The Haven in 2014 as a safe and supportive space for those who need a quieter, slower, and more spacious pace and rhythm to life. I wanted somewhere we can encourage, support, and inspire one another as we learn to live a life that grows from the inside-out.

The community is a continuously morphing, evolving, and changing space, which reflects the character and needs of its members.

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