The Fireside

Let's pour ourselves a mug of something tasty and chat about what's on our minds. I'd love to hear more about your past experiences, present challenges, and future dreams

Some of the most meaningful conversations take place at life's proverbial 'fireside'.

At The Fireside we can step away from the busyness and noise of everyday life, and take stock of what's been going on. It's an opportunity to re-calibrate and re-orientate ourselves in sync with the direction of becoming that deep down, we truly want our lives to take.

You'll find a range of resources to suit different needs. Whether you need a one off call to gain clarity on a challenge, a self-paced course to assist your personal reflections, or ongoing one-to-one support, you'll find it here.

So take off your shoes, pick up a mug of something tasty, and let's see what happens...


The Fireside Program

Do you have a project or hobby you want to start? Or maybe you feel the need for change but are unsure of what that looks like.

I can definitely help. Using my slow coaching approach, we'll chart a course for the change you desire and invite your creative spirit to guide the journey.

Join me at The Fireside and explore new ways to:

Tune Into Your Unique Sound (how you sense and observe the world within, around, and between)
Process The World's Noise (the baggage, stories, and distractions that fog your creative spirit)
Express Your Creative Voice (the flavours you leave in the environments, people, and situations you encounter)

Support To Suit Who You Are and Where You're At

In The Fireside Program, we use a blend of asynchronous reflection prompts, supportive explorations, and One-to-One connection to support you wherever you're at with the changes you want to make in your life.

It brings together more than a decade of experience helping hundreds of introverted and highly sensitive souls to explore their unique creative voices and potential.

Pick The Lock (Single Session)

A One-to-One session is perfect if you're facing a challenge, want to progress on a goal, or are looking for clarity about what you want to do next.

I work with quiet souls, sensitive types, and other gentle rebels who want to enjoy more creative energy, experience fulfilment in their work and relationships, and navigate the noise of life in a way that works for their personal pacing so they can build a life that feels good to them.

It's amazing what one focused conversation can unlock!

<b>Andy Mort</b> | UK<br>Founder and Creative Co-ordinator

"In my session with Andy I experienced what it is like to have someone deeply listen to me, sit with me, and help me sort out my brain. It was such a gift. I came to the session feeling overwhelmed with the many thoughts and ideas that were swimming around my mind and Andy had this ability to reflect back to me what he was hearing and with poignant, gently delivered questions, guide me to a point of clarity I hadn’t experienced in a conversation for a long time. Andy clearly has a rich body of training and knowledge that he draws on."

- Sharon (Australia)

Self-Paced Courses

The Return to Serenity Island is an immersive self-paced course, designed to take you on a journey back to what truly matter. It uses maps, narrative meditations, and a process of self-discovery to help you fall in love with life's possibilities.

In Face The Wall, we turn the wall(s) that are currently casting a shadow over your life into a memorial stronghold…another chapter in your story of becoming. And turn them from a looming present obstacle into an inspiring future tale.


Photoyoga For Your Mind encourages creative awareness and self-knowledge through photography. It will help you recognise the emotions, stories and beliefs through the photos you take. This is about using photography to stimulate mindfulness and observation, not technical perfection. It makes no difference whether you are an experienced photographer or you're playing with the camera on your phone.

Prompts and Resources

Somewhere To Rest

By Andy | November 24, 2023

Rest is not something we do. It’s who we are at the core of our being. Rest is where life relates to life, beyond the…

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Somewhere to Reframe

By Andy | September 20, 2023

Stories help us navigate, explain, and understand life. They allow us to interpret events and experiences, position ourselves relative to one another, and find meaning…

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Somewhere To Rebuild

By Andy | May 2, 2023

We’re sometimes encouraged away from trusting our gut in choices and decisions. We might second guess and overthink things and talk ourselves out of doing…

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Adapting To Horizons | Fireside Prompt

By Andy | January 12, 2024

Humans are good at adapting to new situations. Adaption is part of survival strategy, keeping us creatively aware of how to meet basic needs with…

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Face The Wall (Workshop)

By Andy | January 9, 2023

We encounter walls everyday in life. We’ve been breaking through them and turning them into memorial strongholds since we were born. We’ve always conquered seemingly…

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Expanding With Simplicity (Workshop)

By Andy | December 15, 2022

Huge thanks to Brandon Bennett for taking us through his Cornerstone prompts. It’s a perfect way to reflect on the past and prepare for the…

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Turning Last Year’s Baggage into Next Year’s Treasure (Workshop)

By Andy | December 5, 2022

This workshop is based on an exercise from The Return To Serenity Island. In it, we make peace with the past and use what has…

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The Inspiratory System

By Andy | July 26, 2022

Inspiration can mean different things to each of us. Some of us think of it as something mysterious, invisible, and magical. While some of us…

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Serenity in the Trenches (Video Series)

By Andy | November 25, 2021

At the end of 2019 I asked some friends of The Haven a series of questions. I was looking for some cause to still have…

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The Sensitive Stoic (Video Series)

By Andy | October 20, 2018

Unfortunately we don’t have an option to turn off life’s unexpected twists and turns. The world can feel harsh and unrelenting at times. It’s as…

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My Professional Qualifications


I am a member of ICF (The International Coaching Federation), and officially qualified as a Personal Performance Coach with a Distinction, through The Coaching Academy in July 2020. Their diplomas are accredited by the ICF, the CPD Standards Office, SFEDI and ELCAS. Learn more about my qualifications here.

Coaching Accreditations