About The Haven

The Haven is a calm bubble of tranquil growth, and restorative support for your deep and sensitive soul.

I'm Andy Mort. I'm a songwriter, creative business owner, and professionally qualified creativity coach.

I am an introverted sensitive type with an interest in minimalism, practical philosophy, and creativity. I started The Haven in 2014, which is a playful community for people who resonate with those values and aspirations to live with more creativity, calmness, and peace.

I love supporting other introverts and/or highly (I prefer the term, "deeply") sensitive people as they let go of the limiting stories they’ve been told about themselves. So they can learn to work WITH (and not against) their intrinsic temperament. And live in sync with the natural rhythm and pace inside them, so they can create a life bursting with soul, meaning, and gentle rebellion.

General Discussion

I built the first iteration of The Haven in 2014 (it was called Sheep Dressed Like Wolves back then). It started life as a private extension on my main website where I wanted to provide a private space to explore creativity and personal growth with other introverted and/or highly sensitive people around the world.

Since 2014 it has developed into its own stand-alone space, with a unique energy of collective belonging, personal/creative growth, and safe playfulness.

My vision was to build somewhere we could find, grow, and own our creative voices so we might share our heart and soul with an often hostile and overwhelming world.

I always wanted it to be much more than an echo chamber for 'like-minded' people. I dreamed of somewhere that gives us the strength and support we need to face the world as WE are (not as we are told we're supposed to be).

Because for us to truly be ourselves we need to feel like we're actually making some kind of personally meaningful difference in the world as well. And what's more, given the state of things, the world REALLY needs to listen to its sensitive, thoughtful, and introspective people right now.

I am always thrilled to connect with and support other quiet souls who want to use their increased self-awareness to build self-acceptance, inner strength, and a range of tools that finally work for THEM. People passionate about in stepping into their right to belong, and to do things their way.

A Digital Conception of The Haven village, Lovingly Created by Jani Kormu and Tuula Ahde in 2019
A Digital Conception of The Haven village, Lovingly Created by Jani Kormu and Tuula Ahde in 2019

The Haven has quietly evolved since 2014, and in 2019 it really found its home.

With the help of Tuula Ahde, I was able to bring the Haven world to life as a village, reflecting my love for imagining and creating worlds full of calm and playful nooks and crannies. It has a Theatre (new content), Café (community space), Library (resource archives), and Fireside (coaching and mentoring) with different features and offerings included with the membership. And the Public Courtyard is where we hold occasional public workshops and events that are open to non-members as well.

It's a place full of peacefully creative spots to rest, reflect, and dream. There are spaces to engage, play, and enjoy. Where you are invited to gently come back to who you are in the depth of your being.

You can learn more about the areas and features of the membership and join us here.