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The Haven is a virtual sanctuary that provides refuge for weary travellers and sensitive souls looking for calmer rhythms, friends who get them, and a deep breath of playful creativity. It's an invitation home for those seeking inspiration, encouragement, and support as you nurture a meaningful and sustainable life alongside like-spirited people.

It's a space where you can safely put down your armour and allow yourself to breathe. Your imperfections, ordinary silliness, and unique depths are welcomed, respected, and embraced. It's somewhere to connect with your ageless inner being. To release and rewrite the stories, sink into a state of rest, and build yourself and your physical world from the inside out.

The Haven was founded by me, Andy Mort. I am a sound-artist, songwriter and creativity slow coach based in the United Kingdom.


The Haven began life in 2014 as somewhere for me to connect with other quietly creative and sensitive souls.

The world felt noisy and chaotic. I felt inspired to build somewhere we could slow down, explore the deeper parts of life. I wanted to share a space with other "gentle rebels" so we could figure out (and experiment together), in designing habits, environments, and lifestyles in sync with our natural rhythms and preferences.

That's when I first met my now great friend and Haven "sous chef", Tuula Ahde.

Tuula has been a huge support and sounding board for me over the years. Together, we have developed The Haven with regular resources, live-events, and forum discussions. It has become a sanctuary of safety and support for those of us who need (and crave) time and space to process the world deeply.

So if you're someone who feels overwhelmed by the pressure to do more, indiscriminately "push to the limits", and "hustle", I invite you to slow down and experience the world with a gentler and more expansive spirit.

The Haven Village Map

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Let Me Show You Around The Haven
(A Narrative Soundscape)

The Haven Seasons

Each year we explore nine core themes over the course of three seasons

Landing Page Theatre Themes

Autumn (September-December)

Change | Belonging | Serenity

Spring (January-April)

Strength | Confidence | Adventure

Summer (May-August)

Creativity | Tranquility | Inspiration

Inside The Haven Village

The Haven is built around a virtual village. With a Theatre, Library, Café, Fireside, and Kota, you'll find lots of space to reconnect with yourself, as well as a variety of places to meet other people.

The Kota

Where we meet to explore particular aspects of our monthly theme, create, dive deep, and learn together.

You'll find Theme Kotas, Creative Krafty Kotas, Courtyard Kotas, and a variety of PopUp Kota meetings throughout each season

The Theatre

This is where you can catch up with the latest theme videos, interviews, and resources. As well as replays from recent live sessions.

The Café

Breathe in the cosy aromas of your favourite food and drink, as you join us in the meeting place where it's safe to be who you are.

Have conversations while nurturing deep connections within a spirit of expansion, peace, and playfulness. There are written forums where you can start conversations and get involved in existing discussions.

Most Mondays we have the Live Café Hour where we spend 80 minutes "alone together", giving time to the important stuff in a safe and supportive community of gentle rebels.

The Library

Archive of all past resources including an array of interviews, courses, and book reviews.

Move through the great candle-lit corridors and dive into the historical galleries of videos, interviews, eBooks, creative projects.

You can easily search the archives, which are curated to simplify your quest for personal growth and meaning making.

The Fireside

During the summer evenings you'll find me outside by the fire-pit with a hot chocolate. When the weather turns cold I move inside and get the log fire roaring.

I'll pour you a mug of something tasty as we chat about our big dreams, the challenges we face right now, and life's deep questions.

This is where you'll find resources I use with coaching clients, including short courses and opportunities to work One-to-One with me personally.

The Café

The cafe is open 24/7. Perfect if you're struggling to sleep, you need somewhere warm to read, write, and reflect. You can bump into Havenites, have meandering conversations, and bring your projects to work on alone in the company of others.

We get to leave notes for one another to discover upon waking up and popping in across time-zones in different parts of the world.

Note: on a Monday the Live Cafe is open, where you can join other members for 80 minutes of uninterrupted alone-together time to focus on something important. It's a safe and welcoming opportunity to say hello and familiarise yourself with some of the faces you'll notice around the village.

The Courtyard

Through the back of the Cafe you'll find the Courtyard. A public outdoor space for people to meet and hangout.

Learn More About The Courtyard

The Kota

If you go through the gate at the back of the Courtyard and follow the trail, you'll reach The Kota. You usually need your membership card to open the gate, but occasionally the path is open for anyone to explore.

The Kota is a place of quiet refuge, safety, and belonging. It's a rest place for weary travellers. You will hear the soothing sounds of laughter, long pauses, and the murmuring buzz of inspiration. All people are equal and accepted in the circular hut. You're welcome to sit quietly and observe the comings and goings. Join a small gathering to explore ideas, discuss themes, and share stories.

Learn More About The Kota

The Library

The Library is a lamplit treasure trove where you can have conversations with the past and breathe inspiration into the present. You'll find a book shelf of recommended reading as well as a rich archive of past Haven resources including interviews, themes, and replays of events.

You are invited to join other readers in the book club, which meets once a month to meander slowly through a book, allowing it to take us on adventurous tangents and expansive wanders together.

The Theatre

The Theatre is a space to breathe in what is alive right now. Featuring the latest soundscapes and podcasts, come and enjoy the latest releases.

The Fireside

You will find plenty of places to rest, create, and dream. This might happen alone, together with the community, or in a One-to-One conversations at The Fireside with Andy.

Fireside conversations can help you untangle a specific challenge you're facing, and they can provide rhythm, support, and gentle accountability as we ask: What do you need? What are you letting go? What is changing?


What do I need right now?


What am I letting go?


What is changing?