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Using Coherent Breathing For Highly Sensitive Self-Regulation

With Emily Agnew

Emily Angew

Tuesday 17th October 2023 (7pm UK)

How do you meet the challenge of HSP self-regulation? Coherent breathing is an ideal tool to regulate your sensitive nervous system.

I’m looking forward to being joined by my friend Emily Agnew from in our October Courtyard Conversation, where she will guide us through a gentle Coherent Breathing practice. I invited Emily because of her experience in helping highly sensitive people befriend our nervous systems and come home to ourselves in safety, connection and regulation.

We might sometimes try thinking our way to regulation with affirmations, logic, and reason, but when our nervous system is dysregulated, these options don’t always help. In fact, they can make our sense of disconnection feel worse.

I like finding ways to build our options so we don’t need to dread the impact of dysregulation. Wouldn't it be nice to rest assured that even when it happens, we can find our way home again afterwards. I know from conversations and my own experience that this fear means we sometimes avoid stimulating situations and environments and deny ourselves access to things that are really meaningful and important to us.

The world desperately needs highly sensitive people who can confidently navigate and partner with our nervous systems.

Coherent Breathing is a particular body-based technique that Emily uses to both rewrite inner circuits over time and respond to stress in any moment. She uses it for its evidence-based, simple, powerful, and safe techniques that can be picked up and used by anyone. It can be applied on the spot, anywhere, anytime, without anyone else even knowing you are doing it. And over time, through simple daily practice, it restores a healthy balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of your nervous system, making you less reactive generally.

Session Structure

Length: 60 minutes.

Location: Zoom

Cost: Free


  • Introduction: Emily will start with some background about Coherent Breathing and how it can be used in everyday life.
  • Practice: She will then lead us through a short practice (approximately 20 minutes)
  • Discussion: We will then have time to chat about any reflections and questions.

As Emily writes in her article introducing Coherent Breathing, self-regulation is a central challenge for highly sensitive people. In addition to our characteristic emotional intensity, our brains are genetically set to process information in a deeper way than those who are not highly sensitive. This can lead to nervous system overarousal and dysregulation.

Dysregulation feels awful. It is unpleasant in itself, and it can drastically affect our ability to function well. As a result, we learn to dread it. Unfortunately, the dread of dysregulation makes it worse. We need effective ways to stop this downward spiral.

Join us on Tuesday October 17th at 7pm UK time to explore one way we might do this. We will record the session for anyone who can't attend live. Make sure you register ahead of time to be notified of the replay.

About Us

Emily Angew

Emily Agnew does intensive 1:1 programs that help HSPs create a better inner relationship, a stronger spiritual connection, and better self-regulation. She discovered the importance of these three elements the hard way, having struggled with anxiety during her years playing the oboe professionally. Everything she teaches, she practices herself.

Emily is certified in Focusing and Inner Bonding®, offering a unique and powerful combination of these modalities in addition to regulating breath practices. She writes articles about the HSP trait each month for the Sustainably Sensitive newsletter. Visit to learn more.

<i>Andy Mort - Our Host</i>

Andy Mort is a sound artist, songwriter, and slow coach. He created The Gentle Rebel Podcast and founded The Haven to create space and sanctuary for weary travellers, tired of the pace and pressure of modern existence. Through the community and 1:1 coaching, he helps gentle rebels and sensitive souls connect with their creative spirit and find sustainable rhythms to build life on.

He has also been writing, producing, and performing music for over 20 years and is currently working on his fifth full studio album (the first under his own name).

Visit to find out more

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