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Welcome to The Haven. You are invited to slow down and take a moment away from the self-destructive, hyper-active demands of a world that often forgets to take a breath.

There are a variety of resources to go with each of the nine core themes.

Our Next Live Event

Imagine your life is an island.

Nooks and crannies to play, rest, and dream. Ambitions, routines, adventures, lapping at the shore. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, visions dancing across the skyline. Buried disappointments, missed opportunities, regrets, lost loves. The voices of exotic birds and magical creatures, passing on tales of bravery, courage, and fortune.

The landscapes ebb, morph, and shift across the different regions of your island. Some areas might be bursting with life and exploding with vibrant colours. While other parts are more difficult to see, perhaps a little overgrown and untended.

How do you feel when you look at the island right now?

Does it feel like yours? Do you feel at home? Or do you feel a bit distant from it?

In this Courtyard workshop I want to invite you home to spend some time with yourself as we take trip back to Serenity Island.

The aim of this journey is to connect with what's been going on for you this year. Has it gone in the way you hoped? Did you set out with something different in mind? Whatever the answer to those question, we will use it as a foundation to draw our map for the future.

We will consider how our hopes for the year match up with reality. And then gently explore the surprises, disappointments, and changes that have been present for us this year. We will then spend some time playing, designing, and creating our maps so we know where and how to plant and nurture more of what we want to grow on our island in the NEXT 12 months. And we will identify and add practical routes to respond to and navigate around the bad weather, sludgy landscapes, and unexpected disasters that we can't rule out showing up on our island next year.

Register For Free

Wednesday 7th December 2022 | 4pm UK Time

I know how tight things are right now and I don't want anyone to miss out on these sessions so the workshop is free for anyone to attend. After the event I will send a voluntary donation link, so if you find it valuable and are in a position to do so, you can support this work in that way.

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