Remote Working Is Great For Highly Sensitive People (With Lisette Sutherland)

Remote Working Is Great for HSPs

Many highly sensitive people and introverts struggle with open office environments. The fluorescent lights, uncontrolled noise, and constant distractions. Just a few of the sensory slaps around the face you might experience.

These kinds of collaborative work-spaces have become common place. But they are not the only answer. They are often the difference between job satisfaction and workplace stress, especially for highly sensitive people and introverts. The shame is that this stress has nothing to do with the work itself.

Lisette Sutherland is my guest today. She has some great stuff to share on why we should consider remote working, both as individuals and teams. She is passionate about helping people build collaboration in digital spaces.

The future is defined by the limits (and expanse) of our imaginations. This is great news for highly sensitive people.

Problems That Remote Working Can Solve

1. The Environment

Gain control over environmental factors like temperature, lighting, and noise.

2. Distractions

Take control over what distractions you allow into your time and space. We all have different rhythms and ways of working. Boundaries are vital to manage our effectiveness and creative flow.

3. Energy Management

Imagine making the choice to go for a run during the workday. Many jobs could actually function better if we opened up to the possibility of increased flexibility. Stop defining work by the time you’re at your desk. Focus instead on how effective and energised you are.

What if you could finish work with a feeling of satisfaction, creative energy, and wellbeing? Stop ending the day drained and exhausted. End the habits of numbness (where you flick on the TV and prepare to do it all again tomorrow).

Remote Working Is Great For Highly Sensitive People (With Lisette Sutherland)

Work Together Anywhere

Lisette Sutherland is the director of Collaboration Superpowers. A company that helps people work together from anywhere through online and in-person workshops. She also produces a weekly podcast featuring interviews with remote working experts highlighting the challenges and successes of working with virtual teams.

Lisette’s book is called Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely—Successfully—for Individuals, Teams, and Managers. Learn how to build a life of remote working as an individual. Turn your team into a remote powerhouse.

Lisette also shares how being a highly sensitive person has underpinned the fascinating life she’s both designed and flowed with over the years. She’s got a great perspective on working with our temperaments rather than against them, and being open to the potential that this can have for our lives.

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