My Credentials and Qualifications

As a relatively recent industry, coaching is still unregulated in an official sense. But there are bodies like the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which hold to a core set of principles, competencies, and standards to which all affiliated members must conform. I have been trained in full compliance with these regulations.

It's good to be aware of the official bodies out there when choosing a coach. Someone doesn't legally need any qualifications or affiliations to call themselves a coach, but there are bodies like the ICF, which demand a scrupulous level of assessment to ensure quality, professionalism, and safety for everyone involved.

Part of my coaching approach requires me to embark on continuous professional development as a coach. I keep up with industry shifts, and seek further training and development in order to keep becoming the best coach I can be.

My Training

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I officially qualified as a Personal Performance Coach with a Distinction, through The Coaching Academy in July 2020. Their diplomas are accredited by the ICF, the CPD Standards Office, SFEDI and ELCAS.

TCA Accreditation
DISC Accreditation Clear

I am a certified DISC Psychometric Profiling Practictioner, which means I am qualified to administer and interpret DISC assessments. I often start a coaching partnership with one of these because it's a great way to raise self-awareness about strengths, preferences, and potential blind spots. It also helps me communicate more empathically and relevantly with clients.


Transactional analysis (TA) is a practical theory of personality, communication, and systems. It provides us with concepts to understand who we are and how to change our patterns of behaviour. The goal of transactional analysis is to increase awareness, spontaneity and the capacity for relationship with others.

It's a particularly useful tool to draw on when thinking about sources of impostor syndrome, self-sabotage, and other obstacles that can hold us back from reaching desired goals.

Code of Ethics

As a coach, trained and supported by The Coaching Academy I agree to:

  • Always conduct myself to the highest levels of ethics, integrity, accountability and responsibility.
  • Treat all clients and potential clients with absolute dignity, confidentiality and respect as free and equal individuals.
  • Maintain the good reputation of the coaching profession.
  • Make commercial agreements with clients and potential clients that are fair and will respect all parties to such agreements.
  • Represent true levels of status, title, competence and experience in order not to mislead, misrepresent or defraud.
  • Clearly state to clients and potential clients the terms of any commercial agreement including the expectations of both parties.
  • Make no claims or implications of outcomes that cannot be demonstrated or guaranteed.
  • Obtain written permission from any client or potential client before releasing their names as referees.
  • Respect the absolute rights of the client's confidentiality except as expressly permitted by the client or potential client in writing or as required by law.
  • Recommend different coaches or resources when these will be more appropriate to the client's needs.
  • Refrain from offering professional information or advice that I know to be confidential, misleading or where the accuracy is beyond my competence to assess.
  • Endeavour to enhance public understanding and acceptance of professional coaching.
  • Respect all copyrights, agreements, work, intellectual property and trademarks and comply with all laws covering such areas.
  • Avoid coaching minors (people who have not yet had their 18th birthday) without the express written consent of parent, guardian or teacher as appropriate.
  • Comply with all laws and by-laws of the clients' country.
  • Ensure that all advertisements and promotional materials, whether verbal or written, are legal, decent, truthful, honest and in compliance with the requirements of the UK Advertising Standards Authority.
  • Make a copy of this Code freely available to clients if they request it.