The Wisdom of Insecurity (Book Club)

Seventy years after it was written, The Wisdom of Insecurity still carries a message for our time—this age of anxiety where things often feel urgent, groundless, and unstable. As a result, we might often feel alone in our quest for meaning and purpose in this absurd, pain-filled, and beautiful experience called life.

The “age of anxiety” was coined by W.H. Auden in his 1947 poem of the same name and explored by Alan Watts in The Wisdom of Insecurity. It describes the disconnection and uncertainty we often experience in an increasingly connected world.

I am excited to start exploring The Wisdom of Insecurity in the Haven Book Club this season. The Age of Anxiety is the first chapter.

We will use the book as a source of gentle rebellion and creative inspiration. It’s an opportunity to pause, reflect, and rest for those of us who feel worn down by a world that doesn’t stop.

The Wisdom of Insecurity – Book Club Discussions