Your Inspiratory System


Inspiration can mean different things to each of us. Some of us think of it as something mysterious, invisible, and magical. While some of us associate it with the results of showing up and doing the hard work. It might feel like a fizzing tickle of energy in the present moment, or it might only be visible after the moment passes. We might think of it as something that happens to other people.

Whatever it is for us personally, we can create and nurture conditions for more of it in and around our lives.

Inspiration comes from the same root as respiration. It's a state of breath. And we can think of it as a circular system of input and output.

Inspiration happens, whether we are consciously aware and intentional about it or not.

We breathe in the spirit of the world around us. And we breathe out whatever that does after we’ve processed it. And so the life that we express is a mirrored reflection of the stuff we expose ourselves to and experience. Whether we are thinking about it or not.

But we CAN be intentional about it. And we CAN raise our awareness, notice what we are breathing in and see the affect it is having on our lives.

How is your inspiratory system right now?

Our Inspiratory System is influenced by things like:
People, Media, Education, Connectedness, Place, Play, Physical Movement, Art, Rest

I would love to invite you to consider these areas so that you can identify potential inspiration blockers lurking in and around your life right now. This will help you pay attention to what you want to make space for more of and the impact of the current state of things on your bigger picture and aspirations.