The Masculine Ideal and Deep Sensitivity (With Tom Falkenstein)

Masculine Ideal and Sensitivity

In his book, The Highly Sensitive Man, psychotherapist Tom Falkenstein offers insights into the nature of sensory processing sensitivity for men and how our masculine ideal in its present imagined form is literally killing people right now.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with Tom recently, and we delved into some of the challenging facing men at the moment And how those of us with deep sensory processing sensitivity can cope with and respond to a collective self-sabotage when we seem hell bent as a species on rejecting the full sensory experience of life.

Tom’s book takes ideas that have been touched on in other resources about high sensitivity. And he unpacks them in a more comprehensive way, specifically addressing issues around high sensitivity in men. Creating space for understanding, awareness, and an exploration of the unique advantages and challenges they might face.