The Sensitive Stoic (Video Series)

Unfortunately we don’t have an option to turn off life’s unexpected twists and turns.

The world can feel harsh and unrelenting at times. It’s as if it just doesn’t seem to appreciate the fact that we’ve already got enough on your plate.

Or it’s at that moment when we’re finally making traction and feeling excited about things that BANG! something hits us from out of the blue, and we lose all our momentum.

It doesn’t take much to derail you. Even the simplest things can have the biggest impact:

  • A critical word at just the wrong moment
  • The comparison trap when you’re feeling vulnerable (comparing your messy insides with another person’s polished exterior)
  • Feeling uncomfortable or out of your depth
  • Disconnection from a social circle (feeling inferior or lacking something others have)
  • Being turned down by something or someone

What is your instinctive drive at times like this?

  • Perhaps your default reaction is to give up. To retreat, hide, and isolate yourself.
  • You curl up in bed hoping for some kind of miracle, or for someone to come and tell you that they’ve sorted the problem and everything’s fine now.
  • Maybe you replay situations and conversations over and over in your mind, diving into a sea of shame and regret, beating yourself up for saying or doing the wrong thing.
  • And you blame yourself for everything that has gone wrong.
  • Or you might be someone who channels your loneliness (that is what a lot of this boils down to), by lashing out, getting angry, and engaging a destructive knee-jerk reaction.

“The easiest thing is to react. The second easiest thing is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate.” –  Seth Godin

If you’ve resigned yourself to the belief that you’re somehow flawed and will never be as resilient as others, then it’s time to think again. I created this course to give you the encouragement and tools to build a life where, no matter what happens, you will be able to keep moving in the right direction.

By learning to become a ‘Sensitive Stoic’ you will begin to:

  • Identify the sources that feed your destructive reactions so that you can take control
  • Move from unhealthy quicksand reactions, to a place of healthy, rock-solid initiating where you’re confident in your ability to cope with just about anything
  • Prepare yourself for those inevitable times when things don’t go as planned, and become strong in the face of all manner of adversity and change
  • Implement the core principles and disciplines of Stoicism without thinking, and find a fresh sense of perspective in order to act on those things that currently derail you
  • Speak a whole new language about your emotions and your general wellbeing (and the things you allow to influence them)

We unpack this stuff through a series of 9 video lessons. And we meet other sensitive stoics who have overcome all kinds of obstacles and gained new perspectives and stoic tools (from all kinds of unexpected places), to strengthen their resilience in the face of the situations that used to immobilise them.

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