Book Club | Summer 2023

The Wisdom of Insecurity

The Wisdom of Insecurity is a reflection on and response to our relentless pursuit of security in an inherently uncertain world. The drive for security leads to rapid change and fear of the unknown, where freedom and fulfilment is found in accepting and embracing the impermanence and unpredictability of life. This is an invitation to discover where our need for certainty and control is an obstacle to peace and meaning in life, and to step into the creative mystery that arises out of our relationship with uncertainty.

We are in an age that struggles with mystery. We think we should be able to answer and solve everything. That the unknown is a secret being kept from us and contradictions are loose threads that need to be tied, rather than truths baked into the fabric of existence itself. Every single one of us is a mystery to ourselves, an adventure waiting to be explored and played with. Not in a quest for concrete answers but as a gateway to something far more meaningful and life affirming.

We will explore the ideas from The Wisdom of Insecurity as a source of gentle rebellion creative inspiration. I want it to be an opportunity to pause, reflect, and rest for those of us who feel worn down by a world that doesn't stop.

  1. What is the nature of the security we seek and where do we search for it?
  2. How do we process fear of the unknown and a world that can feel out of control?
  3. How can we integrate impermanence and uncertainty into our relationship with life so that it becomes a source of creativity, love, and joy?

We will hold questions like this as we dive into five core areas that the book invites us to explore.

1. The Age of Anxiety

We live in a time where we are taught to pursue happiness, security, and fulfilment. Yet the more we seek those things, the less it feels like we have them. In this part we will explore the impact of this Backwards Law, and begin to think about where we're disconnected from the present, resistant to life's organic changes, and in a fight with pain, time, and nature.

2. The Wisdom of Flow and Body

We participate in the flow of "the great stream" of existence. Life is like water, which we often try to tie up in neat and permanent packages. But its mystery escapes the boundaries, separations, and forms we attempt squeezing it into. But rather than controlling or resisting this great stream, we can come to an intuitive knowing about our place in the interconnectedness of all things. In this part we will explore the inherent and presently attuned intelligence of the body, and let go of the busyness of mind and the unending pursuit of knowledge and certainty as a way to feel safe and secure.

3. Awareness, Marvel, and Mystery

We have the capacity to bring incredible things to life through our ability to imagine, plan, and forge new paths. But we spend much of life lost in thoughts about the past or future; preoccupied by worries, predictions, and wishes. This is the blessing and curse of our consciousness and creativity. In this part we will dig into our relationship with the present, exploring ways to marvel at the beauty and mystery of life as it is right now. Rather than pining for something lost or wishing for something that isn't here, we can come home to the here and now, and when we do, we will find all sorts of incredible surprises.

4. The Transformative Power of Creative Spirit

Something remarkable can happen when we begin to shift from a fear-based, future-oriented mindset to a mindful engagement with the here and now. It impacts the choices we make, the values we prioritise, and the capacity for freedom and joy we experience in and around our lives. In this final part of our dive into The Wisdom of Insecurity, we will use our relationship with creativity to build a rich picture of a dynamic and meaningful life beyond the reach of unhelpful dogmas and injunctions that rule our understanding of who we are and the purpose of existence.


Part 1 (Chapters 1 and 2) | The Age of Anxiety (Sunday 4th June 2023, 6pm UK)

Part 2 (Chapters 3 and 4) | The Wisdom of Flow and Body (Sunday 25th June 2023, 6pm UK)

Part 3 (Chapters 5 and 6) | Awareness, Marvel, and Mystery (Sunday 30th July 2023, 6pm UK)

Part 4 (Chapters 7, 8, and 9) | The Transformative Power of Creative Spirit (Sunday 27th August 2023, 6pm UK)

If you miss any of the sessions or you can't make it live, replays of each meeting will be available to catch up on afterwards.

Our live Book Club meetings last approximately 90 minutes.

You are welcome to just come and be — there’s no expectation or pressure to get actively involved in the discussion.

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