The mystery between the in-breath and out-breath

Slow down. Pause. Breathe.

In a world that never stops, inspiration can be hard to notice.

Life is rhythm and breath.

Let it come.


What do I need right now?


What am I letting go?


What is changing?

The Haven is Open

From The Kota

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Sunday 16th July 2023 (6pm UK Time)

We might think inspiration is something that occasionally visits us if we're lucky. It can feel difficult to find. But sometimes its our own resistance to it that stops us from seeing it right where we are. We might try holding tight, forcing, and controlling processes and outcomes. Yet, the opposite might be needed. Letting come is a connection to what wants to emerge and expand. It happens when we notice and allow connections.

In our Inspiration Theme Kota, we will reflect on the words "let come" as an invitation for creative spirit to emerge and infuse our lives.

Whether you want to get actively involved in the conversation or quietly observe and absorb, you are so welcome to join us. I would love people to feel validated and encouraged as we explore what it means to let inspiration come, how to know when it's time to explore and when to refine, and what can stop the flow.


Sunday 23rd July 2023 (6pm UK Time)

The Open Kota is a chance to share reflections, ask questions, and bring anything that’s on your mind to the group.

In this month’s session, Tuula might take us through a Photoyoga prompt to celebrate the launch of this year’s course.

Is there anything you’d be interested to chat about (or hear discussed) in our Open Kota this month? Pop any questions, themes, or areas to explore in our discussion thread.

Kota sessions and workshops are recorded so if members are unable to make it live they can catch up later.

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