Strength and Sensitivity

Strength represented by a tree in a field with clouds in the sky
Strength represented by a tree in a field with clouds in the sky

Core Theme


“Sometimes, I wonder if we confuse strength and other words–like aggression and even violence. Real strength is neither male nor female; but is, quite simply, one of the finest characteristics that any human being can possess.” – Mr Rogers

Navigating the fast-paced, busy world through a lens of sensitivity often asks for a special kind of creative strength. Join us to explore how to nurture and grow the proverbial muscles of sensitivity so you can work with rather than against your innate sensitive temperament.

True strength is nothing to do with external appearances. It’s all about what lies beyond and within. In a world of perceptions and appearances, it takes courage to go deeper and spend time beneath the surface of things. True strength isn’t about being right, avoiding responsibility, and exerting control over others. Yet this is often the model presented to us.

What does real strength look and feel like? How can sensory sensitivity contribute to a stronger society? Why is society sometimes resistant to traits like deep sensitivity, gentleness, and even forms of creative expression?

Strength is one of our nine themes. We explore a range of questions and think about it from different angles and perspectives each year. If there’s a particular aspect that you would like us to consider, please do drop me a message anytime.

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FACE The Wall | Course

Are you currently living in the shadow beneath a wall?

Face The Wall is a course about growing, using, and recognising strength in everyday life. It will help you overcome whatever is in front of your right now, and build a process that you can use again and again in the future.