Face The Wall Workshop

A Courtyard Workshop (Replay)

Are you currently living in the shadow of one of life's looming walls?

This workshop will help you identify new and old sources of inner-strength to help you break down those obstacles that keep the light out.

Maybe there's a specific obstacle, struggle, or future event that is blocking out the light right now. Perhaps you're aware that something feels wrong but you don't know what it is or how to deal with it.

We can't compare walls with other people. What we see as a wall might seem like nothing to someone else, and the thing that they are scared to confront might be a picnic in the park for us.

In this Courtyard workshop we explore three keys to tackling our wall:

  1. The Courage to Acknowledge It
  2. The Bravery to Act on It
  3. The Strength From Past Stories

Keep a pen and paper handy as you follow along. Write things down if they come up for you. All intuitive nudges are helpful even if they don't make sense yet.

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