The Play is In You
(not the toy)

Play is in You (Twitter Post)

Play is a training ground for flexibility. It helps us face and absorb change. The playful spirit finds possibility in adversity and wonders “what might happen if…”

It's tempting to believe that we would be more creative and playful if we had the right equipment, resources, or tools to be so. But the truth is, we already have everything we need to get started.

The play is in YOU, not the toy.

In this session we will explore practical ways to bring this truth to life. So even if you feel like the play isn't in you right now, it's time to gently rewrite that story! I have some ideas to dive into, questions to explore, and creative nuggets to share.

I create these Courtyard Kota events for people to come and be just as they are. You are invited to join in with some conversation time if you're comfortable. Or you are welcome to sit and enjoy the flow. No pressure or expectation. It's a chance to just come and gently explore alongside like-spirits!

Coming Soon...