The story between here and there

Slow down. Pause. Breathe.

Maybe there's a voice saying you should be getting home..."there's no time to play, take unnecessary detours or go on frivolous adventures."

But despite your "better judgement", something in you is ready to explore. Imagine. Create.

This is the doorway to an adventure.

When does the detour begin?

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What do I need right now?


What am I letting go?


What is changing?

From The Kota

“We overstructure our lives and plan too much...Most people don’t have any gaps in their day to play.” - Edward Slingerland

In this Theme Kota we will explore how we get in the way of our own playfulness and spontaneity. And consider ways to make space for more of it in our lives.

Our 'second thoughts' can encourage us away from doing the things that instinctively occur to us. This happens when we talk ourselves out of doing the thing we feel pulled to do. Maybe we are afraid we will look silly, people might disapprove, or we don't have time to waste. How can we nurture the courage to go through with these kind, gentle, and playful acts of spontaneity?

It's tempting to believe that we would be more creative and playful if we had the right equipment, resources, or tools to be so. But the truth is, we already have everything we need. The play is in US, not the toy.

In this session we will explore practical ways to bring this truth to life. So even if you feel like the play isn't in you right now, it's time to change that story!

Kota sessions and workshops are recorded so if members are unable to make it live they can catch up later.

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