A Place To Re-Frame Your Story


Stories help us navigate, explain, and understand life. They allow us to interpret events and experiences, position ourselves relative to one another, and find meaning and hope in difficult circumstances.

But stories also create and feed less helpful beliefs we might come to hold about ourselves, others, and the world around us. As a result, they might leave us disconnected and alone.

What story did you believe about yourself growing up?

Many introverts and highly sensitive people talk about experiences of being misunderstood as children. For example, maybe you were labelled "shy", "quiet", or "too sensitive". Perhaps you were seen as rude, standoffish, or judgemental.

These stories can leave us feeling out of place, wrong, and like we don't fit the expected mould. Disconnected from ourselves, and afraid of (or unable to) express our authentic feelings, needs, and desires. It might develop into perfectionism, impostor feelings, or a sense of inferiority to others.

We can lose parts of ourselves in how we show up for others. People pleasing, taking responsibility for the feelings of those around us, and playing the role of helper/rescuer, can leave us unable to make requests, admit need, or accept help.

This is not the end of your story.

Maybe you have experienced a significant change, like a shift in your season of life or an unexpected crisis. Or perhaps it's been slower than that. Like a hunch that something isn't right and you want to do, be, and create more in life.

Maybe you've been learning what it means for you to be an introvert, a highly sensitive person, or another resonant trait that beautifully reflects how you experience the world.

Whatever the case may be, this is an invitation to re-frame and release.

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What Are You Letting Go?

Take a moment to think about what YOU notice, what puts YOU in a state of timeless flow, and what these things tell you about who you are.

What do I keep noticing at the moment? What feels new, unusual, and potentially useful?

What hunch is building over time?

Have I had any "aha!" moments recently? What did it help me realise?

Use these questions in ways that help you. Hold them gently and lightly. Let them converse with your spirit, and allow them to help you pick up and place down what is and isn't useful.

An Invitation To Rest

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Are you learning new things about yourself? Maybe you've discovered something about your personality preferences, natural temperament, or cognitive functioning; we would love to learn from and celebrate with you.

The Haven invites you to intentionally integrate new awareness, insight, and curiosity into how you understand and accept yourself.

There's an opportunity to revisit the old stories and decide whether or not to carry them forward, and if so, how. It's a process—a journey in itself, at the end of which we will let go of those heavy messages that keep us disconnected from our authentic creative core. So we can play, connect, and grow with a greater sense of freedom and peace.

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Are you trying to figure out how to re-frame the stories you've been taught to believe about yourself? You can join me for a One-to-One chat by The Fireside. We can explore some of the pieces that you no longer want to carry with you.


What do I need right now?


What am I letting go?


What is changing?