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We're sometimes encouraged away from trusting our gut in choices and decisions. We might second guess and overthink things and talk ourselves out of doing what we "just know" to be right.

Intuition is an excellent tool to make friends with. It can be a perfect compass for showing us which direction will likely bring us personal meaning and joy.

How do you know when you're ready for a season of change?

How does your intuition communicate that it's time for something new, an adventure, or a fresh challenge?

Maybe an opportunity has appeared, and you're standing nervously at its door, wondering whether or not to open it. Or perhaps you don't know what you want to do, but you know it's time.

What does this make possible?

It doesn't matter what your background is, how old you are, or what you've been told to believe about yourself; another chapter is always waiting to be written.

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What Is Changing?

Even when you know you're ready for a change, it can be confusing to know what that means in practice. Open a conversation to explore with yourself. Don't rush. Keep your intuition open as you carry these questions with you today

What do I sense is ready to change or grow in my life?

What makes these changes meaningful to me at this time?

What next step can I take on this journey?

An Invitation To Grow

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Intuition comes from many places and can speak through different sources. The Haven is somewhere to explore the possibilities. You can enjoy sharing in the wisdom and experience of our beautiful community of gentle souls. Find inspiration, encouragement, and support on this next phase of your journey.

Are you ready to write the next chapter in your story? We would love to be part of the adventure.

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If you find yourself putting constraints on your dreams and hopes for the future, I would love to help you explore them without limits. You can join me for a One-to-One chat by The Fireside.


What do I need right now?


What am I letting go?


What is changing?