Slow Down And Listen To Your Body (With Brandon Bennett)

Slow Down And Listen To Your Body (With Brandon Bennett)

Brandon Bennett is a sensitive adventurer. His desire to nurture a slow and intentional pace of life led him on a recent move from Austin to Costa Rica.

Brandon supports creative and visionary leaders around the world. Through his coaching programs, public speaking, and writing, he encourages these types of gentle rebels to clear out the noise, listen to what their heart might be saying, and connect with their unique gifts in order to leave the world positively affected by their presence in it.

I love Brandon’s presence and energy. He is such a joy to chat with, and I hope that comes across in our conversation.

Brandon and I explore a range of topics including:

  • How Brandon ended up moving from Austin to Costa Rica (without being able to visit first)
  • The way seeds for life-change can take a while to take root and grow shoots
  • How to listen out for the energetic voice that says “yes” to big changes (and why, even if we ‘miss the call’, there’s plenty more where that came from)
  • What it means for Brandon to live a ‘peacefully productive’ life, and the importance of crafting an intentional relationship with technology and efficiency
  • Why joy is not found in fitting more in, even though we might believe just because we CAN fit more in we SHOULD
  • The Emotional Mind-Body Connection – and how to prepare for the “opportunities to have our peace disturbed” in a healthy and empowered way
  • What I’ve noticed in the faces of joyful sports fans…and how it looks like when there’s a discrepancy between our inner emotional experience of a situation, and the emotional expression that occurs when we process it through particular social filters
  • The importance of listening out for the inner message that tells us, “I’m not supposed to feel that”…and becoming aware of what that leads us to do next
  • How new physiological patterns cannot be thought into existence, but brought into existence by a real experience in the moment