In The Haven we recognise Serenity as something we find within the pains and struggles of life. It’s not some dream destination where we no longer have any troubles or worries. It's found in the cracks of life, and emerges when we surrender to the truth of struggle and pain - and understand that we are not alone. That everyone has a story to tell.

We all have experiences of pain and loss. Those unique marks on the ring around the tree trunk. And serenity is found when we step out of our loneliness and into compassion - where we connect in the mess, chaos, and confusion of life. And accept ourselves, one another, and the truth that life IS wedded to suffering. But also that we experience love through connection with one another IN our suffering. In our pain. In our grief. And in the shared feeling that we don't quite fit…and that's OK. In fact it's beautiful. And it's true for all of us.

In our month of Serenity we think about how to create conditions to survive (and thrive) in the face of life's noise.

Serenity in the trenches

At the end of 2019 I asked some friends of The Haven a series of questions. I was looking for some cause to still have hope in the modern world. Strange to think that we had no idea what would be coming a few months later in pandemic form.

In the midst of a lot of bleak news and dark happenings around the world, I wanted to focus on a project that might let some light in through the cracks.

When things feel hopeless and dark it's tempting to focus on everything that is wrong. But what I learned by asking six simple questions is that when we focus on things we can control, we can find strength, confidence, and a sense of calm that puts us in good stead for responding to a world that seems out of control.

I invite you to use these questions as prompts for your own reflections.

  1. What is a positive drive for you in everyday life?
  2. What tells you it's time to recharge your personal batteries?
  3. What is your favourite source of self-care and rest?
  4. What would you pick if you could wave a magic wand and change something about the world?
  5. What do you wish everyone could know, feel, or believe about themselves?
  6. What would you say to a younger version of yourself by way of encouragement, reassurance, or inspiration?

If you are feeling a bit hopeless and helpless right now I'd love to invite you to check this free series out.

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Events in The Kota

We have two theme Kota events during November, when we will be exploring serenity in depth.


Serenity is Not a Destination

Sunday 20th November 2022, 6pm UK Time

We are not looking to find some magical place where enjoy unblemished serenity and enlightenment. Serenity isn't a life without struggle. It's not joy DESPITE struggle. It's how we find calm, peace, and meaning inside of life's struggles and challenges.



Practice The Art of Noticing

Sunday 27th November 2022, 6pm UK Time

Serenity is about noticing what you notice - observing what's going on within us - how are we seeing our own thoughts, emotions, and engagement with the world's happenings.

About The Kota

The Kota is where we meet to explore particular aspects of our monthly theme. You are welcome to come as you are. You can stay and observe or contribute to our gentle conversations. No pressure or expectation.

A Kota is a wilderness hut, found in rural Lapland, where Sámi reindeer herders would traditionally take refuge.

They are shelters of belonging for outsiders. Somewhere to find warmth, rest, food, and connection with other passers-by.

This is a safe space for stories, laughter, songs, and silence. Some days you might feel a sense of magic in the air. While other days you can’t feel much at all. You won’t know until it happens. And you can’t control when it does.

But you won't find out what's possible until you take a look!

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