Welcome To Your Sanctuary of Quiet Calm

I imagine you've arrived here because you are a reflective person with a caring, creative, and compassionate spirit?

You know there's so much more within you, waiting to burst into life. But maybe you don't quite know where to start or how to bring it out in a way that feels good to you.

If so, you're found the right place. The Haven is a virtual online village of resources and community, full of people like you.

Hi, I'm Andy and I created The Haven in 2014. It has shifted, evolved, and emerged over the years into what it is today.

At its core it has always been safe space for gentle rebels to feel connected to like-spirited people. Somewhere we could dive into healthy, life-affirming ideas, that come from an energy of abundance and possibility, not scarcity and fear.

It's a place where people can plug into an encouraging and supportive community where they feel valued and seen just for who they are.

And it's somewhere to find inspiration for our own journeys, as we work out how to accept ourselves deep down, and grow our lives from the inside-out.

  • Donna
    I think we all like to feel a sense of belonging and connection. A place where we feel 'at home’, where we are accepted and most importantly where we can be true to our inner self. I’ve found this in the Haven, a place where sensitive introverts can be together in a gentle way. The Haven provides nourishment for the heart, soul and head…and Andy brings such a caring humble and intelligent spirit to this creation.

I spend time with a lot of introverted and sensitive people in my professional work as a qualified 'Slow Coach'.

My vision has NEVER been to help gentle rebels "fit-in" better to the demands of the world around them. But to help them on their journey towards self-acceptance and belonging, so they can confidently bring ALL of themselves into the world, and feel at home here as THEY truly are.

The whole of society could really benefit if we all found, owned, and expressed the creative rhythms that beat in our hearts. We need our sensitive, creative, quiet, reflective spirits more than ever!

These are parts that we have kept hidden growing up. The stuff we thought we needed to change because it makes us weird, broken, or different.

But what if those things we think we SHOULD change are actually the glowing beacons that bring us home to our unique story?

That's a truth that The Haven has running through its core...

The stories we have learned to tell ourselves about ourselves (our limits, flaws, and failings), are the very building blocks upon which a beautiful journey of being, becoming, and belonging is waiting to begin.

And the other truth...

We are not alone!

However much it seems like we're the only one who sees and feels the world like we do, we can know that we're not. There are loads of us. And it makes SUCH a difference to experience a community of people who resonate at that soul's level.

See If It's a Fit For You

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What You Will Find Inside...

Catch up with the latest resources around this month's theme, and check out what's coming up next

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  • Gina
    "My world is so chaotic and overwhelming. I really appreciated the rare peaceful companionship of the live cafe. Andy has done a wonderful thing collecting us from around the world and providing a cozy place for us to coexist."

I Want You to Feel Safe at Every Stage...If You Take The Trial And Decide It's Not For You, I Will Refund Your $1

If you give The Haven trial a whirl, and feel that it's not worth it, I will refund your dollar. No hassle, no questions. Just email me at the-haven.co/contact, and I will refund your money. Just cancel your trial within the 14 days and get in touch.

Can I Join Any Time, Or Should I Wait For September?

The great thing about the annual Haven cycle is that it doesn't have a start or finish. It originally began in September, but it's a continuous cycle that keeps flowing. You'll have access to previous seasons, and you can dig into whichever theme appeals.

What Are The Live Events?

The current on-going events are the Live Café (weekly co-being space) and Book Club (weekly meeting around a story or book). You'll receive links to the meetings via email and in the forums. You don't have to attend these in order to get the most from your membership, but they are great for those looking to connect with others who share similar values and ways of feeling the world.

Would I Need to Contribute to Live Sessions That I Attend?

Yikes, no. I know how much I struggle with the overwhelm when the spotlight shines on me in a meeting of any kind. Get comfortable, feel safe, and observe.

What Happens Next?

Pick the option that suits you best. You will then be taken to a page to sign up. Once you do you'll head to the Village Square, and you can start exploring. There is an introductory tour that will show you around if you need.

If you have any questions then please do get in touch. Send me a message here.