Do you long for somewhere to slow down, reflect on the beauty of the world, and escape the overwhelming hostility and noise around you?

If this sounds like you, welcome home!

My name is Andy Mort. I write and perform songs, spend part of my time as an undertaker, present The Gentle Rebel Podcast, and I run The Haven. A creative digital village and community for introverted and highly sensitive people who long to live in step with their own natural rhythm, in a world that hasn't always made doing so easy.

If you ever felt out of place, like the world doesn't quite fit who you are deep down, and there is something inside you that is waiting to be unleashed but you're not quite sure what it is or how to let it out, then you're in the right place.

The Haven is a place of gentle support, inspiration, and community.

I've noticed that the world is forever becoming louder and less tolerant of...well pretty much everything. You might have noticed too. The demands, expectations, and distractions are separating us more and more from one another, and from ourselves.

Life is strange right now. Yes I know, I'm stating the obvious. There seems to be one event after another that reminds us that things are forever uncertain, chaotic, and unpredictable. Things like the global COVID-19 pandemic and shifts in political and economic landscapes have stimulated large transitions that can leave us dealing with anxiety and uncertainty.

I don't know about you, but I keep wondering when I'll wake up and realise I've been living in some weird dream.

It can be exhausting.

Especially when we feel alone and disconnected. It can take a toll on our health, our self-esteem, and our sense of belonging.

After the pandemic hit in 2020, I had a really deep shift in my own consciousness. One of the biggest things I became acutely aware of was that everything is connected.

That shift has lasted for me. I can see how much I have taken for granted and how much we all rely on other people and systems for basic things in life (e.g. supermarket supply lines, key workers in fields I never thought about before, a functioning internet, and SO much more).

My connection with other people also become a really important part of staying grounded and healthy. I started to appreciate what it meant to keep in touch, connect with others, and build community around the collective struggles that often bring us closer in more deep and meaningful ways.

Even as an extreme introvert, I've found myself wanting to plug in to a community of like spirited people, who just seem to 'get it'.

We are in the process of rewriting the stories we've often been told throughout your life as introverts and sensitive types:

You’re too quiet. You're too sensitive. You just need thicker skin.

Let’s face it…the kind of world we’ve created without truly valuing our deep thinkers and sensitive observers, hasn't served us that well.

It's time to write a new chapter in our story. Are you in?

  • "My world is so chaotic and overwhelming. I really appreciated the rare peaceful companionship of the live cafe. Andy has done a wonderful thing collecting us from around the world and providing a cozy place for us to coexist."

What You Will Find Inside...

Check out this month's resources as we explore one of the nine focus areas of personal growth. There are also regular live events.

Put your feet up and relax with one of the Letters to Francis Gray (a living record of how sensitivity shows up in my own life).

Or work through one of the ever growing selection of short courses to help you make practical strides forwards in an important area of your own life.

Find kindred spirits in the community area. Share what you're up to, encourage other people, and bring any questions, struggles, or observations to the hive. And join us for the Live Café Hour on Zoom, where you can connect with fellow members and focus on whatever you need time and space to work on right now.

Delve into the deep archive of previous interviews, video/audio, and articles. You'll never run out of things to inspire and focus you.

At the end of each season, three times throughout the year, you'll get a slice of The Haven, in Your Letterbox. All you've got to do is let me know where you'd like it sent! It's a precious thing to receive real letters in this age of digital content overload.

  • Donna
    I think we all like to feel a sense of belonging and connection. A place where we feel 'at home’, where we are accepted and most importantly where we can be true to our inner self. I’ve found this in the Haven, a place where sensitive introverts can be together in a gentle way. The Haven provides nourishment for the heart, soul and head…and Andy brings such a caring humble and intelligent spirit to his creation.

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  • Tuula Ahde
    "Andy's authenticity, generosity in giving credit to others as well as his fresh and insightful thoughts has generated a great space. I am positively addicted to this supporting community of creative, fun and goodhearted people."
    Tuula Ahde

A Virtual Village

Something bizarre happened in September 2019, just 6 months before the pandemic. I changed the structure of The Haven to reflect a 'virtual village'. It was bizarre because for a while, we were unable to visit real life cafés, theatres, and libraries.

The fact that I had created virtual versions of these spaces felt like serendipitous preparation for such a moment.

The pandemic had an impact on my ability to perform live (I'm a songwriter and performer). It inspired me to do more live-streaming, and to even try live events in The Haven. That was when we started a regular live 'café hour' on Zoom. 

I've been deeply moved by how caring, gentle, encouraging, and sensitive our community is. It's a beautiful co-being space where we can be 'alone together', connecting with each other and quietly working on things that matter to us (whatever it is we want more time for...stuff like reading, answering emails, knitting, writing, working on a project etc).

I wanted to capture the vibe of a real café, where people gather informally and in comfort. So we step into the space, say hi, hang out for an hour or so, and if anyone needs any support or has any questions we hold space for that. It's the ultimate example of somewhere to connect with ourselves and others in introvert friendly ways, without any pressure to be seen or heard.

When you join you'll get full access to the Library of past content, live community events during your stay, and The Haven in Your Letterbox (3 real life packages in the mail throughout the year).

"You have discovered your tribe"

  • Joanna James-Lynn
    “The Haven provides a safe space for quiet rebels to learn how to take care of themselves, excel in their own way, and feel understood and accepted. It’s perfect for the quietly ambitious!”
    Joanna James-Lynn

"There are others just like you, who totally 'GET' you!"

  • “This site is one of those fantastic things that I have come across. As soon as I saw videos of Andy I knew this place was for me."
  • Brenda Knowles
    “I look forward to each month’s topics and how they will enhance my way of being in the world. What an incredible resource!!”
    Brenda Knowles
  • Kaitlyn Mirison (An Artist's Pillars)
    "The depth of Andy's wisdom continues to amaze me. He expands on his wisdom in true artist style with the people he invites to share of their experience for you to learn in a way that inspires and gives you a sense that you have discovered your tribe."
    Kaitlyn Mirison (An Artist's Pillars)
  • “In the years of publishing on issues that affect us as creative people, one of the themes I see in comments on my posts is that people are reassured to find there are others like themselves, and who "get" them. The Haven encourages our growth as introverted and highly sensitive creators.”
    Douglas Eby (the Talent Develop sites, including Highly Sensitive and Creative)