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What You Will Find Inside...

The membership is organised in simple, digestible courses. These are developed with the soul aim of helping you work through specific topics at a time that suits you, and completely at your own pace. They include lessons from other experts in a variety of fields where they can help you transform whatever you're working on.

The continued safety of the secret Facebook group: a family of gentle, kind, and caring people who understand you and the way you interact with the world.

Sensitive observations and reflections around specific monthly themes, to spark our imaginations, and inspire our questions and thoughts.

This also aims to help you develop your own creative processes, and to help you look beyond the bad of the world, and into the beautiful.

I know how precious it is to receive real letters in this age of digital technology. So you'll receive a welcome package when you join. Then four times throughout the year I send physical post to your door containing different things which will encourage you in your gentle hero story.