the fireside

One-to-One Coaching Membership

The Fireside Membership offers a unique opportunity for you to take a step back from life's distractions and disturbances. It's somewhere to reconnect with who you are and consider how you would love your life to look in the future.

The membership materials, between session reflection questions, and personalised coaching calls are designed to support you in your endeavours.

Whether you have a particular challenge you want to overcome, a project you would love to complete, or you're looking for a clear way forward. This program has been designed to help you come home to your innate creative spirit and accomplish your aims on YOUR terms and in YOUR way.

<b>Andy Mort</b> | UK<br>Founder and Creative Co-ordinator

In case we've not already met...Hi! I'm Andy. I am a professionally qualified coach (I like the term 'Slow Coach'), songwriter, and sound artist. I facilitate creative and restful spaces to support deep thinkers and highly sensitive people in processing life and expressing their unique sounds meaningfully.

My life has been full of professional and personal creative projects (music, writing, animation, podcast production, filmmaking, web development, building The Haven, coaching, etc.). I also spent six years working in a funeral home as an undertaker. This experience helped me grow as an individual and taught me a huge amount about the things that matter most to us in life.

Over the past decade, I have loved working with many highly sensitive people and "gentle rebels". I've learned to appreciate the importance of providing (and receiving) personalised support, inspiration, and encouragement because every single one of us is different. Everyone has a story to tell and unique personalities, tastes, and opinions.

I've also noticed (in me and others) that when faced with cookie-cutter programs, formulas, and blueprints, many highly sensitive people tend to gently push back against them. Perhaps this is because we're used to a world that doesn't have moulds that sensitive people easily fit in.

I hold a belief...that everyone is creative deep down, even if they don't feel like it (or have been told otherwise). I have seen that creativity is one of the best tools we have for connecting with sensitivity, processing a noisy insensitive world, and finding the confidence to express our voices in ways that feel great.

Fireside - Who

Coaching is a conversation that focuses on a challenge, vision, or goal you want to address. It can help you untangle thoughts, create a plan, and make progress on the things that matter most.

Whether you're seeking to reach a specific goal, complete a project, or explore the whispers of your soul, the Fireside Membership is tailor-made for you.

I work predominantly with introverted and/or highly sensitive people who need the conditions, permission, and space to slow down so they can think, feel, and reflect without rushing or forcing it. My coaching approach supports the pacing and rhythm unique to each individual.

Managing and Exploring Change

Whether you're responding to, preparing for, or dreaming of a life transition, we will use your natural creative spirit to fuel the fire in your belly.

Creative Potentials

Perhaps you have a creative itch to scratch or you're struggling to complete a project. We will explore ways to play, finish, and expand your creative endeavours.

Communication and Self-Expression

Does it feel like you've lost your voice in some area of life? Maybe you've never really known it. Many HSPs put their own needs on the backburner and suffer in silence, doing what they can to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

What if expressing your voice could be a fun and beautiful adventure?

Fireside - Structure

A six month partnership with tools, prompts, and conversations to bring your unique creative spirit to life

The Fireside Membership is the perfect sanctuary for those who want to go deeper in their exploration, discovery, and change.

On top of the standard Haven membership (resources, events, community etc), you get access to the Fireside Vault of coaching tools, prompts, and resources that you are free to play with and use any time.

We use collaborative tools (Google Doc and shared whiteboard) to map out ideas between sessions. There are six live One-to-One conversations. We will work out a rhythmic schedule that works for your natural pacing.

I have created six "modules" exclusively for the Fireside Membership. They are designed to facilitate your journey over time and deepen your engagement with the three elements of creative spirit:

  • Sound: Embrace how you naturally sense and interact with the world around you.
  • Noise: Identify and overcome the distracting and derailing voices that separate you from yourself.
  • Voice: Understand how you want to express yourself and the changes you want to make that reflect who you are and what matters most.
Fireside - Price

Fireside Membership (including full Haven membership) costs $125 a month. The subscription payments automatically finish after six cycles.

Once you've registered through the button below, you will be able to schedule an initial intake call to map out your goals, establish a flexible meeting cadence, and set up our collaborative tools.

Have you got a question? Send me a message.

Cooling Off Period: I want you to feel safe and confident in your decision, so if you change your mind within 7 days of registering or before our first One-to-One call (whichever is sooner), your initial payment will be refunded.

If at the end of the six months you would like to continue working together, we will talk through the best steps to take next.

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