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We are forever in the process of becoming and belonging. For many of us as introverts and highly sensitive people, we might have spent life feeling like we don't quite fit. So we look for answers and solutions to that sense of disorientation. And many of us end up holding on even more tightly to things that don't help us.

It is through destruction, that life is constantly renewed. This is why we have seasons. Things grow and then die, strengthening and building over time. We go through the same process. But for many of us we’ve spent life destroying the wrong things, hiding the parts of ourselves that make us beautiful and concealing the truth that we have within.

To get a better grip of our lives and the world around us, sometimes we need to let go of what we're clinging onto, first.

One painfully hot morning in 2018, I woke up to be informed that my most significant relationship was in tatters. It came out of the blue, and just like that, it felt like my life was in shards all around me. And so began a process of stitching together a completely different future from the one I planned, expected, and hoped for.

Two or three times a month, I share videos and updates. A bit like this one, through my email newsletter. Based on snippets and clippings from journal entries ever since, they give me chance to create some music and piece together some visuals as a backdrop to share my reflections on, and experiments in letting go of many of the stories we tell ourselves about what we should be like, what the world expects of us, and how we're supposed to behave, think, and interact, if we're going to do our life in the correct way.

These posts are essentially about our move towards becoming and belonging. And away from indifference, numbness, greed, judgement, jealousy, and resentment. They are about embracing the joy of not fitting in. By cultivating a spirit of compassion, gratitude, joy, abundance, grace, acceptance, and creativity, we can begin to release our attempts to cling on and fit into those expectations and assumptions set by other people. People we may well see are actually desperate to untether from those things themselves.

I share my own experiences, but this is not about me. It’s about you. It’s about all of us. And it’s about our collective potential future on this planet.

As I pick up the pieces of my own life and begin to emerge out of what has felt like a couple of years at the bottom, I want to invite you to move with me as we connect with the possibilities and truths of a life unshackled by everything we’ve been taught to believe about this world, that keeps us living a life completely out of sync with our own natural pace and rhythm.

We need to change OUR story, and let go of the unhealthy values and habits we have tethered to as a world. Once we let go, we can create the space and potential to be able to pick up a better way of being. And to remember that, no matter what we've been's never too late to change the story and write a new chapter for our lives.

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