A Gentle Unmasking: Peel Back The Layers and Uncover Your Hidden Self(ie)

Many of us find it challenging to take photos of ourselves. It can be even more uncomfortable to actually look at photos we are in.

We might have a harsh inner critic who turns ugly when confronted with aspects of our body image and the natural signs of ageing.

Perhaps we find it safer to stay behind the camera, pointing it towards other things and people instead.

A photograph is different to the image we see when we look in the mirror (which is hard enough). Once it’s taken, we are unable to change our expression or turn to our favourite side. Thank goodness for the filters and digital editing software that can take the edge off!

Taking selfies can feel awkward and self-centred. But what if we could use them as a way to help connect with and understand ourselves more deeply?

In this workshop, Tuula guides us as we begin to softly gaze through the hard exteriors and protective masks we may have built for ourselves over the years.

Using simple phone photography, a few words of reflective writing, and a small amount of physical movement (mainly head and eyes), we will allow ourselves to gradually see and explore what it might mean to be us beneath the mask.

The exercises are inspired by the work of psychotherapist, dancer, photographer, writer, and artist, Adriana Marchione.

To Get the Most Out of The Session You Will Need:

  • A phone for taking (and viewing) your photos
  • A way of recording your thoughts (i.e. pen and paper)
  • Somewhere safe where you are unlikely to be interrupted

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