The Money Changed Everything [Creative Prompt]

Here’s a prompt to get our creative juices flowing…“The money changed everything”. 

These phrases can give rise to unexpected playfulness. But they can also lead to unexpected discoveries that help untangle thoughts and shed light on ways to approach challenges and desires.

Let Your Intuition Speak – “The Money Changed Everything”

What immediately comes to mind when you hear the phrase? Don’t judge or second-guess them…just follow your thoughts to where they initially went.

Record anything that came to mind.

Peel Back Another Layer

Where could the money have come from? What difference might it make? Who/what was impacted? Did it have a positive or negative effect? If at first it seems like a positive impact, what are the unseen negative consequences? And vice versa.

Begin to explore other possibilities, scenarios, and characters.

Brainstorm with me…

Where did the money come from?What difference did it make?
I found itI could pay them off
They paid usWe lost our passion
We got a grantWe built the project
I won itI didn’t need to pick between them
It was a giftEverything became meaningless
I turned it into a businessI burned out
I got luckyI wanted more
They gave it to meIt made our relationship feel weird
AdvertisingI lost creative control
What else?What else?

Explore Through Creative Play

Start throwing these ideas at the wall and see what shapes, patterns, and colours land. A poem, story, drawing, song, animation, sculpture, photograph etc. Just pick a medium and see what happens.

What do you notice? What can you sense growing inside you (questions, emotions, desires etc)?

Questions For Reflection

You can use the following questions for further reflection.

  • What would you choose to do if money wasn’t an obstacle?
  • What is something that money makes more challenging?
  • What might society look like if people didn’t need to worry about making money to survive? How
    do you think people would use their time? What values/priorities would emerge?
  • What is the most important lesson you’ve learned about money?

Go Deeper With The Prompt “The Money Changed Everything”

Join us in The Haven to explore “The Money Changed Everything” from different angles, discover other perspectives, and collaborate with other gentle rebels around this theme. It’s always fun to see how people interpret and play with these ideas. It’s also an opportunity to share other resources, creative works, and stories that you’ve come across relating to this topic.