Letting Go and Letting Come [Haven Digest]

We might think inspiration is something that occasionally visits us if we’re lucky. It can feel difficult to find. But sometimes its our own resistance to it that stops us from seeing it right where we are. We might try holding tight, forcing, and controlling processes and outcomes. Yet, the opposite might be needed. Letting come is a connection to what wants to emerge and expand. It happens when we notice and allow connections.

In our Inspiration Theme Kota, we will reflect on the words “let come” as an invitation for creative spirit to infuse our lives.

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Photoyoga For Your Mind

What do the photographs you take and choose to share say about you? What might your photos be saying to you?

I’m really excited that Photoyoga For Your Mind is returning to The Haven this summer.

The seven-week course is a journey of creative and inner discovery, where we explore photography as a metaphor and a tool. It helps us consider the hopes, challenges, and possibilities within and around us.

The course runs for 7 weeks from Sunday, 23rd July 2023.

Listen to Tuula and me talk about “The Healing Power of Photography” on The Gentle Rebel Podcast here: https://www.andymort.com/29-photography/

Future Happenings

Join us on Monday for our next Live Café session.

Focused time can often feel hard to come by. The Live Cafe Hour is an opportunity to spend 80 minutes “alone together” alongside other members and focus on what matters most.

It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with those important (but non-urgent) activities. Or receive gentle accountability to focus on that thing you’ve been putting off.

Theme Kota | Sunday 1st October 2023 (6pm UK)

As social beings, humans are wired for belonging. But in a judgemental and critical world, it doesn’t always feel safe to be yourself, especially when you don’t seem to see or experience the world in quite the same way as other people.

We will bring our Haven hive mind to these questions:

  • What does belonging mean to you?
  • What tells you it’s safe to “be yourself”?
  • In what ways are you different around people you feel safe with?
  • What characteristics in other people help you feel safe and connected?

Whether you want to get actively involved in the conversation or quietly observe and absorb, you are so welcome to join us.