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Join a Café Group

The Café is divided into a few core community groups, where you will find conversations related to particular fields.

The core groups are:

  • ‘Creativity and Play’ (explore creative interests, learn new skills, and share your journey)
  • ‘Mind, Body, and Soul’ (dive into conversations about psychological, spiritual, and physical personal growth and development)
  • Smaller Talk and Gentle Conversation (we can chat about stuff like where we’re from, our favourite TV shows, or the funny thing that happened today)
  • Live Happenings (where you will find a list of all upcoming Zoom events)

There is a link to the Groups Page through the main menu.

Groups are displayed in a simple grid…

Join the groups you’re interested in. You will then be able to post in them and receive any email notifications that you might want to get as and when conversations are happening.

Feed vs Discussion

The ‘Feed’ tab gives a list of activity within the group. For example if someone new joins, if a new event is arranged in Zoom, someone uploads a photo, or posts in the discussion forum.

The ‘Discussions’ tab on the other hand is where structured conversations take place. You can start a conversation with a title and a threaded area for discussion to take place.

You are able to reply to the whole discussion or to individual posts within the conversation.

And you can start your own conversations. Each group has its own stand alone discussion area.