Unveiling the Hidden Strengths of Introverts (with Laurie Helgoe)

A Flâneur is an individual who enjoys leisurely strolling, lounging, sauntering, or loafing around town. Laurie Helgoe suggests that introverts may naturally reflect this approach. We might move at a different pace than the rest of the crowd. She suggests that if we can separate ourselves from the indiscriminate rush of modern life, we might locate some unique hidden strengths.

Do you enjoy observing a crowd while not feeling part of it?

Introverts and highly sensitive people often possess an abundance of internal richness. Embracing our innate qualities and hidden strengths, can lead to a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Laurie Helgoe joined me in 2016 to discuss these hidden strengths of quiet people.

Laurie is a renowned psychologist and the author of “Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength.” Her work is widely respected, recognised and frequently quoted. She has become a go-to source of wisdom for well over a decade for introverts worldwide seeking to understand who they are through the lens of their innate temperamental traits.

“Introvert Power” is a personal favourite on introversion and embracing our hidden strengths. It offers uplifting stories and engaging practical exercises that guide us in navigating our inner landscapes.

In our interview, Laurie emphasises the prevalent advice for introverts to ‘get out more’ and contrasts it by encouraging us to ‘get in more.’ This overarching theme sets the tone for her book and serves as a solid foundation for personal growth. I am thrilled to share the highlights of this insightful conversation with you.

We explore how to uncover and connect with our hidden strengths, including:

  • Reframing the commonly asked question ‘So, what do you do?’ to focus on the values that truly matter in life, steering away from mundane-conversations.
  • Identifying ‘Introvertia’ and envisioning your ideal introverted space to foster a sense of belonging and comfort.
  • Understanding the crucial difference between building an inside-out life versus an outside-in life and why this distinction holds significance.
  • Recognising the value of art and creativity in the introvert space and leveraging a creative mindset to navigate challenging situations.
  • Embracing the concept of a flaneur to generate quiet energy amid the chaos and noise of a crowd.
  • Maintaining grounding techniques when dealing with unpredictable individuals, shifting between pleasantness and hostility.

By exploring these aspects, we not only uncover the hidden strengths of introverts but also gain valuable insights into fostering a fulfilling and meaningful life on our terms.

I hope you enjoy our conversation – it was first published in September 2016.

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