The Kota

The Kota is the conceptual space where our live community gatherings happen.

It’s somewhere to meet and connect with like-minded people, laugh and play with prompts, and share in the caring and compassionate energy of the group.

You are welcome to just come and be — there’s never any pressure to get actively involved. Just a gentle invitation to have a mug of something tasty, in the company of friendly Haven folks.

Why Kota?

A Kota is a wilderness hut, found in rural Lapland, where Sámi reindeer herders would traditionally take refuge.

They are shelters of belonging for anyone and everyone. Somewhere to find warmth, rest, food, and connection with other passers-by.

This is a space for stories, stillness, songs, silliness, and silence.

The Haven Kota was created for us to gather, just as we are. To be. Participate. Absorb. Slow down. Pause. Observe. Without urgency.

Andy warming up by a Kota fire in Lapland, March 2022