The Kota

Where we meet to explore, create, and chat together around our monthly theme

Theme Kota

The Theme Kota is an informal and open discussion around an aspect of our monthly theme. There is no pressure to get actively involved. You can just come and be with like-spirited souls in our cosy Kota.

Krafty Kota

Creative Krafty Kota sessions are a chance to gather, bring a creative project to work on, ask questions, chat about anything you like (or just be quietly alone together).

Popup Kota

No two PopUp Kotas are the same. We've had movie nights, games evenings, and members sharing particular areas of their passions and interests.

Courtyard Kota

The Courtyard Kota is where we engage in practical workshops and exercises. They are inspired by our monthly theme and give you something to take away and experiment with later.

A Kota is a wilderness hut, found in rural Lapland, where Sámi reindeer herders would traditionally take refuge.

They are shelters of belonging for anyone and everyone. Somewhere to find warmth, rest, food, and connection with other passers-by.

This is a space for stories, laughter, songs, and silence. Some days you might feel a sense of magic in the air. While other days you can’t feel much at all. You won’t know until it happens. And you can’t control when it does.

The Haven Kota was created for you, just as you are. Come and be. Observe. Join in. Take your time. No pressure or expectation.

Andy warming up by a Kota fire in Lapland, March 2022
Andy warming up by a Kota fire in Lapland, March 2022