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Welcome to The Haven!

I want to invite you to make yourself at home; this is a place of sensitive and calming observation upon the overwhelming backdrop of a busy world.

Just like you, I've noticed that the world has become noisier. The demands, expectations, and distractions are separating us more and more from one another, and from ourselves.

Technology is creating attention deficiencies. Conversations are increasingly fuelled by aggressive and violent language. And the 24/7 world of convenience and "connection" has sparked an ironic increase in loneliness and detachment.

It is exhausting.

And for so many introverts and highly sensitive people it is taking its toll; on our health, our self-confidence, and our sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

You Are The Antidote

Take off your shoes, slow down, and engage in a little gentle rebellion.

The world needs its introverts and HSPs to gently steer the ship right now. And I think we're ready. And yes, many of us are also willing, even after all those derogatory comments and questions...

I know how it feels to spend your life berating yourself for being “too quiet”, “too sensitive”, or “too far in your own head”, thanks to the assessment of adults around you growing up.

No one should ever be told that their natural way of interacting with the world is wrong.

It isn't.

The sooner you realise that you are OK exactly who you are, the sooner you'll be able to get to work in pursuing the goals and dreams (what you are here to do)!

It's time for you to make our gentle mark on the world.

To become the self-aware, confident, focussed, rejuvenated, gentle hero you are deep down. To do what you were put on the earth to do, and in so doing, inspire other people just like the rest of us, to do the same. To accept that your temperament is a gift, not a curse (despite how it sometimes feels).

You can make the world a more gentle, loving place, one step at a time.

  • We're already seeing what happens if we keep battling against our true selves/way of functioning, and accept the pressures of the "Busy Bubble Ideal":

    - We experience health problems, both physical and mental issues that can take years to undo.

    - We find ourselves looking back on life with regret about all those things we wished we had done but never got round to/felt able to do.

    - We remain embroiled in the cycle of busyness-burnout-crash-repeat, unable to make traction or acheive a sense of healthy growth in the areas of life that matter.

    - We are unable to maintain strong and healthy personal relationships; feeling in constant conflict with people rather than enjoying the benefits of a solid network of support and encouragement.

It doesn't have to be like this.

And I have huge dollops of hope because The Haven is full of gentle heroes like you.

Introverts and HSPs who have had enough of being told what they should think and feel, and are ready to live life at THEIR pace, on THEIR terms, and in a way that makes the world better for everyone (future generations included).

  • The aim of this is to get your clear on what matters most to you so that you can strip away the fluff and get focussed on the important stuff where you'll begin:

    - Making slow and steady progress in the right direction

    - Removing the sources of overwhelm and burnout

    - Developing stronger relationships with people that matter to you

    - A healthier and happier intenral relationship, taking your self-care and self-understanding to the next level

    - Accepting that you are already OK exactly who you are at your core

    - Living with creativity and joy, and you'll stop worrying about what other people think

    - Inspiring other people who are stuck where you were!

"You have discovered your tribe"

  • Joanna James-Lynn
    “The Haven provides a safe space for quiet rebels to learn how to take care of themselves, excel in their own way, and feel understood and accepted. It’s perfect for the quietly ambitious!”
    Joanna James-Lynn

"There are others just like you, who totally 'GET' you!"

  • “This site is one of those fantastic things that I have come across. As soon as I saw videos of Andy I knew this place was for me."

What Will You Find Inside The Haven?

The membership is organised in simple, digestible courses. These are developed with the soul aim of helping you work through specific topics at a time that suits you, and completely at your own pace. They include lessons from other experts in a variety of fields where they can help you transform whatever you're working on.

The continued safety of the secret Facebook group: a family of gentle, kind, and caring people who understand you and the way you interact with the world.

Sensitive observations and reflections around specific monthly themes, to spark our imaginations, and inspire our questions and thoughts.

This also aims to help you develop your own creative processes, and to help you look beyond the bad of the world, and into the beautiful.

I know how precious it is to receive real letters in this age of digital technology. So you'll receive a welcome package when you join. Then four times throughout the year I send physical post to your door containing different things which will encourage you in your gentle hero story.


If you pop your name and email below then I'll be sure to tell you the next time doors open.

  • Brenda Knowles
    “I look forward to each month’s topics and how they will enhance my way of being in the world. What an incredible resource!!”
    Brenda Knowles
  • Kaitlyn Mirison (An Artist's Pillars)
    "The depth of Andy's wisdom continues to amaze me. He expands on his wisdom in true artist style with the people he invites to share of their experience for you to learn in a way that inspires and gives you a sense that you have discovered your tribe."
    Kaitlyn Mirison (An Artist's Pillars)
  • Douglas Eby (the Talent Develop sites, including Highly Sensitive and Creative)
    “In the years of publishing on issues that affect us as creative people, one of the themes I see in comments on my posts is that people are reassured to find there are others like themselves, and who "get" them. The Haven encourages our growth as introverted and highly sensitive creators.”
    Douglas Eby (the Talent Develop sites, including Highly Sensitive and Creative)
  • Tuula Ahde
    "Andy's authenticity, generosity in giving credit to others as well as his fresh and insightful thoughts has generated a great space. I am positively addicted to this supporting community of creative, fun and goodhearted people."
    Tuula Ahde