the haven

A Virtual Village For Quietly Creative Misfits

Welcome home to the calm bubble of tranquil growth, and restorative support for deep and sensitive souls.

Whether you're looking to build lasting friendships with other gently unconventional people, or you simply need some respite from the world's noise, you're in the right place.

Place down the heavy baggage you’re carrying around right now. Take a slow deep breath, shake out your limbs, and come with me.

If you’re feeling weary from following paths and patterns that leave you feeling disconnected, tired, and at odds with your own inner creative, playful, joyful spirit, then I'd love to welcome you to stay here for a while.

I'd love you to discover and fully experience the truth of who you are through your unique vibrancy, energy, and life.

This is a place of safety. Where it's OK to be who you are, how you are, wherever you are, right now.

There are no pressures, expectations, or demands. It's an invitation to just be.

When you start from a place of safe and unconditional "being" anything is possible.

In The Haven we plant seeds and nurture the conditions for authentic growth and meaningful belonging. We move with a gentle intentional rhythm, and embrace the truth that life is a dynamic story of becoming. And it's ready for its next chapter to be written, created, and me, by you, by each of us.

Current Haven Happenings


Serenity Is Not a Destination

Sunday 20th November 2022

Serenity isn't a life without struggle. It's not even joy DESPITE struggle. It's how we find calm, peace, and meaning inside of life's inevitable struggles and challenges.

How do we bring more serenity into everyday life?


Practice The Art of Noticing

Sunday 27th November 2022

Serenity is built on noticing what we notice. How can we observe what's going on within us? How are we seeing our own thoughts, emotions, and engagement with the world's happenings?

Hi! I'm Andy Mort. I founded The Haven.


I'm a songwriter and professionally qualified creativity coach from the UK.

I'd love to show you around this virtual village that we have been building together since 2014.

And if you like what you see, I'm inviting you to stay a while!

A Tour of The Haven Village

I have always spent a lot of time imagining and creating worlds full of calm and playful nooks and crannies. The Haven has become one of those worlds.

It's a village full of peacefully creative spots to rest, reflect, and dream. There are places to engage, play, and enjoy. And spaces where you are invited to gently come back to who you are in the depth of your being.

Here's an overview of what you will find inside the Haven Membership...

The Café

Painted Cafe

Breathe in the cosy aromas of your favourite food and drink, as you join us in the meeting place where it's safe to be who you are.

Have conversations while nurturing deep connections within a spirit of expansion, peace, and playfulness.

The Theatre

Painted Theatre

Sit back and enjoy our latest features.

You'll discover interviews, performances, and videos from our creative partners. Each month is infused by one of the nine themes that underpin our personal, creative, and collective growth.

The Library

Painted Library

Move through the great candle-lit corridors and dive into the historical galleries of videos, interviews, eBooks, creative projects.

You can easily search the archives, which are curated to simplify your quest for personal growth and meaning making.

The Fireside


During the summer evenings you'll find me outside by the fire-pit with a hot chocolate. When the weather turns cold I move inside and get the log fire roaring.

I'll pour you a mug of something tasty as we chat about our big dreams, the challenges we face right now, and life's deep questions.

The Café

The Café is the heart of the community inside The Haven. It will cater for you whatever you are after.

  • Need some inspiration, encouragement, and support from people who 'get it'?
  • Want to meet fellow gentle souls from all around the world who see, feel, and think about things with the same spirit as you?
  • Would like to explore new creative interests, share what you're working on, and learn from other quietly creative souls?

If you replied yes to any of those questions then you'll love The Café!

Community Groups Move(1)

The Café is divided into a few core community groups, where you will find conversations related to particular fields.

The core groups are:

  • 'Creativity and Play' (explore creative interests, learn new skills, and share your journey)
  • 'Mind, Body, and Soul' (dive into conversations about psychological, spiritual, and physical personal growth and development)
  • Smaller Talk and Gentle Conversation (we can chat about stuff like where we're from, our favourite TV shows, or the funny thing that happened today)
Live Happenings Blue

There are regular live events inside the Café and Public Courtyard. You can access the happenings on the site itself. These are a great chance to grow relationships and learn from other like-spirited gentle rebels from around the world.

Events Include:

Café Hour: a weekly session where we work quietly on our own thing alongside one another...this is perfect for ring-fencing time to do the important (rather than urgent) stuff with a sense of community and accountability

The Kota: regular gatherings when we explore certain topics and resources, often related to the monthly theme

Pop-Ups: every so often we will have a movie night, games session, or creativity co-lab

Workshops: The Public Courtyard plays host to regular events with special guests

The Theatre

In The Haven we explore nine core Themes of Being throughout each year. These provide a core around which our community activities and Theatre Resources are weaved.

The Theatre plays host to new videos, interviews, and creative projects that reflect these themes. These resources are archived under themes such as relationships, work/career, creativity, health, general wellbeing, and personality psychology.

Every year the theme has a distinct feel and energy. It's exciting and fascinating to see how the themes evolve, grow, and dance each time.

The Nine Core Themes are:

Change (September) | Belonging (October) | Serenity (November) | Strength (January) | Confidence (February) | Adventure (March) | Creativity (May) | Tranquility (June) | Inspiration (July)

Landing Page Theatre Themes

As a member you will receive a personalised feed that you can use to get updates straight to your favourite podcast app. This means that you get the latest audio content delivered automatically to your devices.

The Fireside

Some of the most meaningful conversations take place at life's proverbial 'fireside'.

In The Haven this is the space to reflect on our dreams, explore the possibilities, and get excited about what could change in life when we open ourselves up to the potential for deep transformation over time.

The Fireside is somewhere to remove our shoes, put our feet up, and take a moment to pause. Let's reflect on what matters most.

This is somewhere we can step away from the busyness and noise of everyday life, and take stock of what's been going on. It's an opportunity to recallibrate and reorientate ourselves in sync with the direction of becoming that deep down, we truly want our lives to take.


Do you want to create more? To find time for your health, important relationships, or making some change in your life?

Whatever you want to shift right now, we can sit by the fire and hatch a plan.

Letters to Francis

 Francis has long been my fictional pen pal, with whom I explore ideas and share observations about the absurd, beautiful, and mysterious aspects of life.

You're invited to have a read. I hope you can find the ideas in some way inspiring.

Self-Paced Mini-Courses

The mini-courses are designed to give you a short and simple way to address a specific issue that you're facing right now.

They are self-paced so you can work through them in a way that suits you and your schedule.

The Return to Serenity Island

The Return to Serenity Island is my flagship self-paced coaching course. It is designed to stimulate playful reflection, creative planning, and meaningful action.

As a Haven member you get a big discount off the full price.

The Library

The Library contains a curated archive of interviews, eBooks, creative projects, and miscellaneous resources that has grown since the The Haven's inception in 2014.

This is a perfect location to spend a quiet afternoon, diving into the world of creativity, personality, and gentle rebellion.

Monthly Themes

Each year we go through nine core Themes of Being. You will find our previous excursions in The Library. So whether you just want a fun rabbit hole dive or you're looking for different angles on the same topics, this is a simple way to get there.

Resource Archives

Since 2014 I have conducted hundreds of interviews and shared many vlogs and podcasts. I have whittled these resources down and curated an archive of only the most useful and interesting ones.

The reference library is simple and easy to navigate by relevant categories.

Gallery and Stage

During 2020/2021 when we were locked down, I did some livestream gigs from the comfort of my own home. They are available to enjoy in the Gallery area.

This is where we share creative collaborations and projects that we have done as a community.


A collection of free eBooks to help you with your journey into creativity, personal growth, and gentle rebellion.

I imagine you’ve arrived here because you are a reflective person with a caring, creative, and compassionate spirit?

You know there’s so much more within you, waiting to burst into life. But maybe you don’t quite know where to start or how to bring it out in a way that feels good to you.

You're where you're supposed to be!

Welcome home.

Come and Make Your Home in The Haven

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Meet The Team

Here are some of the faces you might see and/or hear from during your time in The Haven.

Andy Mort | UK
Founder and Creative Co-ordinator
Tuula Ahde | Finland
Assistant Co-ordinator and Sous Chef