January 2024 | The Haven Digest

The Haven Digest

January 2024

January is when we traditionally explore the theme of strength. This year it has taken us into the topic of “potential”.

Grab a mug of something tasty and spend some time poking around some of the things you might have missed in January.

Digest Contents

New This Month


Getting Lost Might Make It Beautiful

Letters to Francis are back after more than five years…


Adapting To Horizons


Exploring Potential Through Creativity and Sensory Sensitivity

How might the “Sailboat Metaphor” give us a better way to think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Live Happening Diary

Our regular live happenings are an opportunity to meet together, get to know each other, and protect time doing the things that matter most.

We meet in the Live Cafe on Mondays at 4pm UK time. We have two 40 minute chunks of time where everyone focuses on their own thing (creating, working, eating, sleeping etc – no judgement!) We have small check-ins at the start, middle, and end.

The Kota is a gathering where we explore ideas, do creative projects, and spend time being in one another’s company. It’s a chance to slow down, co-regulate alongside other sensitive souls, and reconnect with ourselves at a deeper level.

Here’s a list of meeting dates. Subscribe to the Live Happenings Group to receive a notification when new meetings are scheduled.

Live Cafe | 8th January 2024

A few of us started the new year time alone together. I was doing some last minute preparation ahead of my trip to Finland.

Kota | 21st January 2024

We did something different this week. Our topic was “late blooming”, which we talked about while doing an online jigsaw puzzle together. In retrospect, 510 pieces were maybe too many. Lesson learned for next time. It was fun, but I think we all found it challenging to multitask. Jigsaw became the priority in an admittedly relaxing, peaceful, quiet Kota.

The completed jigsaw

Live Cafe | 29th January 2024

Another quiet cafe. Very peaceful and calm.

Thorns of The Month

Here are a few things that caught the sleeve of my attention this month.

The Moon Atop a Tree

In Northern Finland, whilst hunting for auroras, I noticed the moon in a perfect position. I was surprised at how clear my phone captured it.

There is something about this place. Words cannot do it justice. It sparkles, glistens, and radiates in a very unique way.

Oh and here’s Tuula trying to summon some more auroras…

Growth Mindset is Not the Solution and Fixed Mindset is Not the Problem

This episode of Justin Sunseri’s Stuck Not Broken podcast has prompted an fascinating discussion in the forums.

Justin says, “Your mindset might not be the main problem when it comes to making lasting change in your life. Instead, your underlying Polyvagal state matters more…Ultimately, how readily one can access the ‘safety’ state is crucial to cultivating a growth mindset.

Are Highly Sensitive People More Prone to Illness?

Elaine Aron addresses this question using findings from the research so far. There are a many assumptions made about links between high sensitivity and stress-related illnesses. Aron shares where the science is at the moment.