You’re in a Hole, You’re Not Alone [Creative Prompt]

Here’s a prompt to get your creative juices flowing…“I’m in a hole, I’m not alone”.

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase? Where does your imagination go first?

An AI generated image that I added myself to – capturing the idea of an army of worms being responsible for a pothole epidemic because they’re building something spectacular out of car parts underground. This idea inspired a song that you can listen to in the forum.

What is the hole? Who or what else is there? Spend some time thinking about a range of possible answers to those questions. See what you discover. Here are some examples that occurred to me…

What is the hole you’re in?Who/what else is there?
A problem/challengeOther people with the same problem
A hiding placeA monster
TroubleSomeone who can help
A bunkerA mole
A dark placeA friend
The basementAn old dusty book
A wellA ghost
A potholeAn army of rogue worms
The cupboardSomeone (else) hiding from the noise
A nicheAn unexpected following
An icy plunge poolA friendly penguin

Make your own list. Add as many as you can think of. Then when you run out of ideas, add two more…

Stress and Phrasing

How does playing with the stress affect the tone and meaning?

  • “I’M in a hole”
  • “I’m IN a hole”
  • “I’m in a HOLE”
  • “I’M not alone”
  • “I’m NOT alone”
  • “I’m not ALONE”

Does putting emphasis in different parts of the phrase change its meaning?

Questions For Journalling

If you have a journalling practice, you might use the following questions for further reflection.

Recall a time when you felt alone and misunderstood. If you’re a highly sensitive person, it might have been at a time when your physiological or emotional needs were different to those around you. Or it might have been when you wanted to express something important but it landed in the ears of people who couldn’t see what you saw.

Conversely, think of a time when you felt accepted and seen. Maybe you were surprised that someone got what you were going through and helped you feel less alone.

Being Observed vs Being Seen

Some holes are hiding places, nests, and sanctuaries. Places of silence, stillness, and solitude, where we can grow, rest, and be ourselves. We need holes for the sake of our wellbeing. We don’t want to find someone else in there.

Feeling observed and overheard is different from feeling seen and heard. This kind of observation carries a perception of being judged. The observer isn’t necessarily judging us, but if it feels like they are, that’s all it takes to profoundly change our relationship with the task at hand. 

Ever have the feeling you’re being watched? What impact does that have on you? When do you like to be left alone?

On Observation:

  • What do you hate being observed doing?
  • Where do you wish you could hangout without the threat of anyone else showing up?

On Feeling Alone:

  • When did someone help you feel less alone?
  • How do you show empathy to someone who believes they’re the only one struggling?

Go Deeper With The Prompt

Join us inside The Haven to explore this from different angles, discover other perspectives, and see what other gentle rebels are thinking about in relation to this.

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