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Here is another phrase for us to play with.

Many things can be caught (or not). Bugs, drifts, balls, hints, frisbees, moods, planes, trains, and automobiles.

Are there things highly sensitive people, gentle rebels, and deep thinkers/feelers are more/less likely to catch?

There are no wrong ways to respond to this prompt. It’s intentionally designed to open up different perspectives, angles, and interpretations, so let your imagination take you where it wants to.

So, what first springs to mind when you hear those words?

Use the forum to share anything that occurs to you after our live gathering when we explored some reflection questions related to the themes.

Come and play with this prompt in the community gallery.

I Didn’t Catch It – What We Covered in Our Live Gathering:

  • Catching Meanings, References, and Intent:
    • How meanings can get lost in translation
    • The role of shared vocabulary and inside jokes
    • How interpretation is influenced by culture – Shakespeare in the Bush
  • Catching Destructive Behaviour:
    • How harmful behaviour can gradually escalate over time
    • The importance (and characterstics) of early intervention
    • The tendency of HSPs to become self-critical for not catching other peoples’ bad behaviour
  • Catching the Direction of a Moment:
    • Noticing the call of a moment
    • How humour can be a wall or a window to vulnerability and connection
    • The value of catching spontaneous invitations to experience meaning
  • Waves and Luck:
    • Grieving missed chances
    • Getting off the wave for fear of what could go wrong or right
  • Catching on Camera:
    • Performative acts of public shaming and virtue signalling for the camera
    • The pressure that comes from constant filming
    • The joy of unrecorded, spontaneous moments (and paying it forward)

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