Nurture The Relationship Between Health and Sensitivity (With Leah Burkhart)

Healthy Sensitivity With Leah Burkhart

Leah Burkhart is the founder of The Healthy Sensitive, where she shares her experience and expertise as a certified health and wellness coach, nutritionist, and educator.

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Leah. And there were a few things in particular that I’ve been reflecting on since the conversation.

The Erosion of External Boundaries

The huge advancements in technology have provided great benefits in many areas of life. But they have also created huge challenges that we might not fully appreciate. One of those challenges is the increased accessibility and decreased external limits.

The good news is, there is nothing stopping us. The bad news is, there is nothing stopping us.

Making things an issue of ‘personal responsibility’ can sometimes be an unfair burden to put on other people (and ourselves).

In the conversation we also talk about:

  • Becoming self-aware about the nature of our motivations and pull (being like a wolf howling at the moon vs slumbering under a willow tree)
  • Noticing what grounds and roots us, and the things that make us tick in our creativity and business
  • The characteristics of sustainability in business and life (how to design things more intentionally)
  • What work we would do even if we didn’t get paid (and what to do when the money conversation feels uncomfortable)
  • The cycle of creativity and recognising the threshold at which craft can move to the professional level (without compromising work or relationships)
  • How price = value (when you charge for something it has a psychological impact on their relationship with it – they engage with and value it more)
  • The relevance of the saying that ‘the bigger the tool, the greater the shadow’ in the world of business and marketing
  • The different types of communication (passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive) and how assertive communication is a gift to ourselves and other people
  • What our own resentment can tell us about the boundaries we need to implement and honour
  • Identifying the areas we are GOOD at holding boundaries
  • Leaning into discomfort by implementing re-charging and generative practices (and how this translates between personal and business life)
  • Mustering up the courage to be disliked (replacing the need to be liked with the desire to truly support others)
  • The nature of ‘toxic sensitivity’ and how it allows people to hide behind it as some kind of ‘diagnosis’ and excuse
  • Work-Life Balance, Integration, and Disintegration – and how technological advancements and a lack of external limitations can lead us to anxiety and burnout
  • Why personal responsibility is not always a helpful thing to have on your shoulders (there is always more that could be done and nothing stopping you from doing it)
  • How the value of old style vacations has been eroded (and why it’s so hard to truly switch off and implement meaningful boundaries)
  • The way business health and personal health relate, interact, and weave in and around one another (and how to keep them healthily separate)