The Harbour

Sound Anchors, Music, and Audio Adventures

Welcome to The Haven Harbour, where I invite you to float in sound.

Sink into the soft anchoring waves of music and voice.

Connect with your rhythm and rest.

Listen without force.

Observe and release.

This is an invitation to anchor yourself in a spirit of connection. Let go of the noisy call to urgency for a moment and return home to this place of safe possibility.

Live Sound Anchors

Our Haven Sound Anchors are a perfect chance to take a breath and reconnect with yourself in safety.

  • Sound Anchors are 30 minute session held on Zoom.
  • We begin with space to quietly pause and connect with where and how we are
  • A soundscape will play for about 20-25 minutes

The soundscape is a mixture of reflective words upon a piece of my ambient music. You might want to bring something to write on in case anything comes up that you want to record for later. Or you can just come and sink into the sounds.

Session Dates

Sound Anchors are free to attend live. Register through the links below.

I Contain Multitudes

Wednesday 11th October 2023 (4pm UK) - Register Here

Connected in Solitude

Tuesday 31st October 2023 (11am UK) - Register Here

Looking For Glimmers

Thursday 9th November (4pm UK) - Register Here

Letting Come

Wednesday 29th November 2023 (11am UK) - Register Here

An Expectant Pause

Tuesday 5th December 2023 (4pm UK) - Register Here

The Journey Beneath

Thursday 21st December 2023 (11am UK) - Register Here

The full archive of previous soundscapes is available in the Haven membership (get your monthly pass here)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do It Live?

Shared live experience is powerful. We engage more in the moment and don’t have the option to procrastinate. This is an appointment with yourself. You can protect it with a boundary (that no one can argue with!)

Will There Be a Replay?

Not of the session. However, the music will be available in The Haven for members to listen and download afterwards. If you are a member login and return to this page. You will find the archive below.

What Do I Need To Bring?

I recommend headphones so that you can enjoy it without distraction.
I also recommend having something to write on (i.e. a journal). There will be an opportunity to record your reflections as we begin and finish. This is useful for noticing what you notice.

If you have any other questions, send me a message. I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

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