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If you're reading this, then it's more than likely we've recently had an exploratory call and explored some of the new possibilities for your future. I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did. Again, the fact you're seeing this means I love the idea of working with you - one of the benefits of a nice long exploratory call is it gives me chance to gauge whether or not it feels like a good fit from my perspective (sometimes it doesn't).

Don't rush the decision. Give yourself time to make the right choice for yourself.

A lot of gentle rebels spend their lives giving into the pressure to follow the expectations, values, and assumptions of the world around them. Many have sacrificed their own deep personal dreams, and put other peoples' preferences, demands, and desires ahead of their own.

As such, they can feel out of shape and like they don't fit. They might also blame themselves for being "broken" or flawed and search for fixes.

The Gentle Rebel Creative Shift coaching program is based around an important truth...that there is nothing wrong with you, and you're not alone.

From there, we will create your unique vision around your core personal preferences and values. And as we build your simple steps into the next chapter of your story, you will discover more exciting depths to who you truly are.

What is Included?

Through my Creative Shift Coaching, I help gentle rebels find their own rhythm and move at their own pace. So they can start to embody their own exciting belief in the possibility of what they want to change.

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6 Calls

Face to Face Call

These are spread out over about 12 weeks (3 months). You can use the online calendar in the Portal to book sessions at your own convenience. You have 6 months within which to complete these calls so if you need a little longer between sessions that's absolutely fine.

15 Page Personalised DISC Profile Report


I am a certified DISC practitioner, and invite you to take an online assessment when we start working together. It is a great source of self-awareness, which will help understand yourself (and others) better. It also enables me to give you a more bespoke, effective, and supportive coaching experience along the way. most personally effective and supportive experience. We will explore your results together in our first session.

The Haven Fireside Vault

Development Portal

As soon as you sign up you'll get full access to the online Fireside Vault. This contains tools and resources you can use to nurture growth between calls so that you can get the most from our partnership. 

Get Started Today

Whatever you've believed about yourself and the possibilities for your life so far, this is not the end of your story. It's time to step into your own future, and re-connect with those beautiful (and sometimes neglected) dreams, desires, and hopes you have for your life.

The full program costs £360. This is broken down into three payments of £120 (these will be taken automatically through PayPal).

When you sign up you will be redirected to the Fireside Vault inside The Haven. This is where you will find the coaching tools, media resources, and personal journal area that you can use to track your progress as we go.

Once you've registered you will be redirected to a page where you can book your first session. Ahead of our initial call I will also send you a link to take the online DISC profile assessment (we will explore the results when we next speak).

TCA Accreditation
DISC Accreditation