The Gentle Marketing Revolution (With Sarah Santacroce)

The Gentle Marketing Revolution with Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce is on a mission. She wants to see a gentle marketing revolution. And she’s not alone!

This conversation is for those who find marketing a source of discomfort. If you struggle with marketing, selling, and self-promotion (as either a business owner or consumer), then listen to this one.

I have known Sarah for a long time, and really appreciate her gentle approach to business. Her new book, Marketing Like We’re Human has arrived at just the right time.

The world is swamped with aggressive and manipulative scarcity marketing right now. And this is contributing massively to a universalised state of anxiety. We are bombarded with the message that we’re not enough. That we’re missing out. And we’re being left behind.

These stories all drive a tendency towards urgency and panic in our actions.

Already this morning I’ve said “no thanks, I don’t want my life to be awesome”. I imagine you’ve seen similar website pop-ups. Using shame and fear of missing out to drive action.

I don’t know about you, but I want to deal with businesses who make me feel better, not worse, about myself. And in my own business, I want to operate from an energy and spirit of abundance and expansion. Not scarcity and contraction.

This is why I loved reading Sarah’s book.

It is a call to slow down. To recognise these unhealthy messages that surround us. And to rebuild our relationship with ourselves and the way we share our message with the world.

The book provides a pathway of gradual transformation. Gentle marketing is not yet another blueprint to follow. But it is an invitation into a journey of becoming more of who you are. It shows that truly authentic and meaningful marketing emerges and expands from the inside out.

In the conversation you will hear us talk about:

  • Why the Gentle Marketing Revolution is not just applicable to business, but applies in all areas of life.
  • Why the appearance of success (by external measures), doesn’t mean it’s the right path for us. The importance of knowing what kind of world we want to be part of creating with the choices we make.
  • How following an intuitive path into Gentle Marketing can help us eliminate bugbears and negative beliefs we have around the idea of marketing. And how when we’re aligned with out values, marketing doesn’t even feel like marketing.
  • Why listening to our own intuitive reactions to marketing can help give us a clear set of practices and boundaries to follow for ourselves.
  • Why the best businesses make people feel good about themselves. And how this should happen at all stages of engagement, instead of using marketing to create and reinforce a problem that they then promise to solve.
  • How Sarah’s 7 P’s of Gentle Marketing Mandala differs from traditional marketing models. And why this can be a game changer for introverted and highly sensitive marketers.
  • Why your marketing is your unique expression as a human being. And how your energy and spirit will attract the right people over time.
  • Ways to gradually transition into a Gentle Marketing philosophy and practice. Without feeling like you need to change everything right away.
  • Where to find your first clients as you start your gentle business.