The Fireside Vault

Here you will find some tools and resources you are welcome to use if you like. I have created videos to explain how to get the most out of them.

Feel free to explore these videos and the tools/exercises I share in them. I am always looking out for helpful resources to add here so I will keep building the vault over time. They are intended to help you explore between sessions and develop awareness, understanding, and curiosity to bring to future conversations.

These are the general fireside resources. If you are in a specific fireside program (e.g. Rest, Reframe, or Rebuild), you will find your additional materials in your side vault.

Rest Vault | Reframe Vault | Rebuild Vault

Getting Started

The Inspiratory System (Soundscape Meditations)

Our Inspiratory System is influenced by things like:
People, Media, Education, Connectedness, Place, Play, Physical Movement, Art, Rest

I created nine gentle meditations to help you consider what things will look like when you're breathing in clean and enriching air. They are designed to be both reflective and practical. Just pop your name and email below to get access