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Is your internal radio station stuck playing the same song over and over? Maybe you're trying desperately to change the channel but you find same tune playing on every frequency. Or you've resigned yourself to the fact that this is how it is so you zone out and try to get through.

“Our bodies cannot fully function when they are in a constant fight for excellence, high performance, maximum effectiveness and optimal capacity.” - Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD.

In this bespoke six-part One-to-One program, you are invited to rest at the Fireside with me. Where we will use stories, poetry, music and creative prompts to play together and give your mind and body space to return to a place of rest. I want to help you re-tune your inner radio station and reconnect with the sounds in your creative core.

Rest is not just something we do. It is a state of being and the lens through which we view the world.

Rest is the creative spirit from which our best decisions flow. But many factors leave us disconnected from that part of ourselves.

The fast-paced and multi-dimensional pressures of the modern world push rest way down the list of priorities. And many of our decisions, actions, and interactions have become underpinned by scarcity and urgency rather than connection and abundance.

We can't address problems at the same level of thinking as when those problems emerged. In other words, we can't force ourselves into a state of rest by doing more.

The Internal Soundtrack

With the constant flow of news and information, and the everyday pressure to keep up with life's demands, our nervous system might interpret the noise as a threat. We become activated in flight and fight and may feel anxious, angry, and desperate to do something to eliminate the perception of danger. The music on our internal radio is loud, fast, and spiky.

But if the sense of threat persists, we might enter a state of shutdown. Here the music loses its rhythm and structure, turning into a persistent background drone. This might, for example, look like functional numbness (going through the motions without feeling truly connected) and compassion fatigue (no capacity to empathise).

In the same way that a soundtrack influences what and how we view images in a movie, the soundtrack playing inside us affects how and what we see in the world and people around us.

Our environment looks and feels unsafe if we hear a soundtrack of alarm bells and warning sirens in our nervous system. That internal music primes us to see and respond to everything as a potential threat.

Our survival states are helpful and necessary aspects of the biological imperative towards safety. But in a world where stressors and pressures come from all angles and without pause, our bodies can struggle to anchor in safety. Which is why we need opportunities to connect inwardly, externally with the world around us, and in co-regulation with people we can be ourselves around.

We need new pathways.

The aim isn't to spend life in a constant state of regulation (that's impossible!), but to recognise where we are and how to come home within ourselves when required. There are all kinds of objects, places, routines, and even thoughts, we can use as anchors and cues to navigate back to creative connection. These give us access to a wider playlist songs, so we can be more aware of and intentional about the soundtrack playing on our internal radio station.

This Fireside Rest Program will help you begin to do this. Using a mixture of one-on-one conversation, reflective question prompts, and an invitation to creatively collaborate with me, you will deepen your awareness of what's happening beneath the surface to recognise what your mind and body need at any moment.

You will play with and create physical and inner anchors that you can use, adapt, and build on into the future. This will lay the foundation for you to become aware of and move towards what you want from life without getting wholly derailed by overwhelm and stress every time.

At The End of The Program, You Will Also Receive:

  • Your Personal Sound Anchor (a bespoke soundscape based on our conversations and reflections - this is specifically designed to bring you back home to the place of rest within you, using sounds from places that help you feel grounded and calm)
  • A Video Anchor (a collage of any images, drawings, and insights you've created and curated during our time - we create an anchoring video that you can use whenever needed in the future)

These creative collaborations are yours to hold onto and use however you need.

"At the end of my coaching sessions, I sent Andy a number of collages of photos that I had collated over our time working together. He asked me what I noticed, what resonated and the metaphor they symbolised. From this he created a soundscape video.

When I received it I was speechless. It was a profound composition, beyond anything that I was expecting. It touched me so much at a very poignant time in my life and reflected my words back to me in a simple, quiet, uplifting way. Everything was captured. And the music echoed that. I have made it into a regular meditation and see, hear and feel different things each time I sit with it. It's glorious!"

- M.J.

Ready To Rest At The Fireside?


Program Structure

  • 6 Slow Coaching Spirals (each spiral includes an introductory video, question prompts, bonus resources, and a 60 minute One-to-One conversation - usually on Zoom)
  • Spirals take 2-4 weeks so the program lasts 3-6 months (we will figure out the rhythm and pacing that feels best for you as we begin - we will pencil in our calls at the start and make any necessary changes as we go)
  • 6 Months Full Access To The Haven Fireside Vault (with extra tools, narrative soundscapes, exercises, videos, and resources to augment the journey between sessions)
  • We begin with a 20-30 minute intake conversation to meet, have a chat, and share some hopes/expectations about the process and our partnership
  • Between sessions, I invite you to share insights, celebrations, and challenges you experience as you go - we will use a shared Google Doc to collect responses, resources, and reflections
  • At the end of the program, I will create a bespoke soundscape meditation for you, based on the themes we've explored together and images/videos/words you want to share with me - this will give you a "Personal Sound Anchor" that you can take with you and use as a resource for regulation
  • You will also receive a video collage containing the sound anchor and any images, drawings, quotes, and ideas that you want to remember

The Six Spirals

Each part contains an introduction, question prompts, optional exercises, and soundscapes that you can use between our sessions.

  1. To Rest is Human | Rest is as natural as breathing and waking up. Rest is part of our nature. How do we get to it?
  2. Rest is Rebellion | It's a mischievous act to add slowness, stillness, and silence
  3. Rest Takes Courage | It takes non-forceful courage to rest in an outcome-driven society
  4. Rest in Noise | Restlessness and low-level drain
  5. Timeless Rest | You are a tranquil and energetic whirlpool
  6. Rest and Mystery | Play, creativity, and the mystery in the cracks of the world

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I can't wait to partner with you on this journey.

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