Face The Wall

Are you currently living in the shadow of one of life's looming walls?

Maybe there's a specific obstacle, struggle, or future event that is blocking out the light right now. Perhaps you're aware that something feels wrong but you don't know what it is or how to deal with it.

We encounter walls everyday in life. We've been smashing through them and turning them into memorial strongholds (chapters in our story of becoming), since we were born. We've always conquered seemingly impossible and insurmountable obstacles in front of us, and come through the other side to tell the tale.

If you could click your finger and change one thing about your life right now, what would be different?

Maybe you can think of a specific thing that you want to have. Perhaps it's something in particular you want to get rid of. Or maybe it feels slightly harder to define than that.

Can you think of a time when you did something you never dreamed you would actually be able to do?

Maybe it was something you really wanted to achieve and kept putting off. Perhaps it was something you had always feared happening, but when it did you found ways to cope and get through it. Or maybe it was something that you never anticipated, but as you look back feel proud of the past version of you that managed to somehow get through it.

What comes to mind for you?

Bring Down That Wall: The Three Aspects

There are three core parts to acknowledging, confronting, and overcoming the walls that cast shadows in and around our lives.

Courage (See The Wall)


Ignoring a wall doesn't make it disappear. Even if we successfully manage to avoid it, the shadow it casts over our life can be conspicuous.

If we don't admit, acknowledge, and accept its presence, we can't do anything about it.

But this takes 'courage', because it's not always comfortable or simple to allow ourselves to see what we might not want (or feel permitted) to see. The wall might even just be worry (fear without action). Once investigated (like a funny noise in the car, odd behaviour from our partner, or a strange symptom in your body), the thing we fear might turn out to be nothing. But unless we muster the courage to see, our fear will just turn into the drain of worry.

Courage in this sense is simply admitting a feeling to ourselves. "I'm not happy", "I'm worried", "I really want to pursue this goal", "this means a lot to me".

It takes courage to allow yourself to hold the possibility that things might need to change. An uncomfortable moment of self-honesty. Of turning to face the wall and simply say to yourself "yep, I see it".

Bravery (Target The Bricks)


Bravery is about acting DESPITE fear. It's not about acting WITHOUT fear. Once we've acknowledged the presence of a wall we can envision what sits the other side of it. This helps us identify the specific bricks that sit between us and the place we want to be instead of where we are. This shows us what we need to do in order to get through the wall.

We meet the bricks with bravery. This is where we 'do' something to address the wall. Replacing old habits that are ingrained in the wall's fabric. Changing particular things (resources, environments, influential voices), redefining expectations, beliefs, and values.

It might require more courage to admit that certain bricks are causing the wall to stay standing. And it will require bravery to take the necessary action to make the changes happen. It's uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but it's worth it because when the bricks start toppling over, you begin to see and feel the warmth of the light poking through into your life again.

Strength (Build Memorials)


Once the wall is down the bricks are what we use to build the memorial strongholds that tell the story of courage and bravery. These are the memories, experiences, and moments that hold the story of who we are becoming.

Each stronghold is shaped in a unique way, and houses the flame of our desire, our values, our endeavour, our learning, our grit, our purpose, our resilience, our fortitude, our determination, our perseverance...or to sum it up with that third word...our strength.

They remind us of what we've done, how we've overcome things, and when we've surprised ourselves with courageous acknowledgements and brave actions. It is in these repurposed memories where our strength is forged. And it's these stories which give us the platform from which to build whatever comes next.

It's important to turn around every so often and enjoy some of the amazing adventures from the story so far.

Is It Time To Face The Wall?

Face The Wall is a course about growing, using, and recognising strength in everyday life.

It will guide you through the three aspects of facing the wall: Courage (to acknowledge), Bravery (to confront), and Strength (to grow). So that you can face whatever is in front of your right now, and build a process that you can use again and again in the future.

COURAGE (Instagram Post)

I'm Andy Mort. I'm a professionally qualified life and creativity slow coach, as well as a songwriter, performer, and ex-undertaker.

I love helping people locate their inner artist, let their creativity come out to play, and build a life of meaning in partnership with their unique and gentle rebellion (quietly sticking it to the noisy pressures, expectations, and demands of the world, and allowing more beauty, rhythm, and sensitivity to flow through their lives).

The Three Circles

So, are you ready to face and break through your wall?

I encourage you to bring a spirit of creative play to the prompts as you identify your shadows, locate your wall, smash through the bricks, and spend time enjoying the inspiring safety of your memorial strongholds.

The course has four core components:

  1. Standing in the Shadows (find courage to recognise and acknowledge what's keeping the light out for you)
  2. Write Your Story of Strength (unlock hidden strength from the previous walls you've broken through - and maybe forgotten)
  3. Identify The Bricks (you might feel overwhelmed by the scale of this wall - but it doesn't take much to bring it down - it starts with clarity, simplicity, and focus)
  4. Targeted Action (once you know what you could do, you will choose what you will do - something we will make as straightfoward and painless as possible)

As well as the video/audio lessons and coaching prompts, there are four unique soundscape meditations that I created to help ready your mind and soul. You can come back to them whenever you like, and use them for challenges, goals, and struggles you encounter in the future.

The whole course is available as part of your Haven membership. If you're not yet a member, sign up below to receive access to this and to all the other great resources, events, and community benefits.