Finding Creative Magic in Everyday Life (with Lindsay-Celeste)

The Joy of Everyday Magic With Lindsay Celeste

This conversation is about the magic we find in the cracks of everyday life. I am joined by Lindsay Celeste who is the voice of the Magic for Realists podcast. She loves drawing metaphors, magic, and meaning from everyday experiences and the world around her. She sees seedlings of potential everywhere, and even the most seemingly mundane object could spark inspiration for something new.

In our conversation LC and I chat about the liminal nature of our lives so far. We explore the difference between splitting and converging. And how knocking down the dam that keeps different parts of ourselves separate can be the source of creativity and flow. It’s where the magic happens.

We discuss how creative ‘genius’ emerges from the apparent tensions and contradictions at the core of our being. And how unique creativity expands when experiences, passions, and values converge to give rise to something new.

In The Episode We talk About:

  • Life As a Liminal Estuary – an estuary is a unique ecosystem at the joining of different tributary flows – when we allow our different passions, pursuits, and experiences to flow into one space, there is a chemical reaction
  • How piecing the world of stuff together can give us a sense of reconciliation within ourselves…sorting, relating with, and processing our things is a meditative integrated process
  • The magic of everyday life – the wonder and mystery of the mundane (state of the house, dishes at the kitchen sink) – the impact of ideas on everyday walking, talking, moving, cleaning
  • The difference between the mechanic (systematised efficient order) and the organic forest (wild abundant broadcast)
  • How we might find freedom in slowness
  • How the fallen log is the story of the forest, and as such is part each tree’s personal story – by throwing it out and hiding from the reality of death we miss out on a nutrient rich compost that fertilises our onward journey into becoming
  • What it looks like to develop a practice of expressing yourself in the way you need
  • Why the millions of creative ideas that fall from you and don’t come to fruition are not failures but active seeds in the story of true success
  • How true creativity leaves us fundamentally changed…it’s a joint venture – at the same time we create, we too are being created