Marketing From Abundance

Re-Anchor in Tranquil Calm When You Find Yourself in a Restless State of Urgency, Panic, or Scarcity

I was thrilled to have friend and fellow gentle rebel, Sarah Santacroce with me in The Courtyard. She is a like-spirited entrepreneur who shares my passion for building online businesses in gentle and unconventional ways.

If you're like us, you probably feel exhausted by the pressure to keep up, be everywhere, and engage in scarcity marketing tactics. These ideas might often be proven to work, but at what cost? Integrity, unity, and authenticity. This might not matter to some people, but if it matters to you, come and check out this conversation.

In the workshop, we focused on gentle marketing and maintaining a sense of calm amidst the pressure to hustle and act urgently. We discussed the impact of scarcity marketing on our personal and business well-being and explored ways to ensure that our marketing efforts align with our values.

  • How can we stay true to our natural energy, rhythm, and sound when developing relationships and growing ourselves and our businesses?
  • How might we maintain clarity, focus, and meaningful boundaries in a world that bombards us with trendy "must-follow" tips and strategies?