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Welcome to The Haven. This is a space for gentle rebels to find inspiration, encouragement, and support for people who want to plug into their natural tranquilityjoy, and creative courage. And gently counter the self-destructive, hyper-active demands of a world that often forgets to take a breath.

The Haven is a members community but we also hold regular free happenings in the public courtyard. This is where you will find events such as: creative workshops, meditation sessions, music performances etc.

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Creative Failure

An Invitation to (Deliberately) Fail:

Take a Break from Procrastination With  Practices in Low-Stakes Creative Play

Saturday 2nd October 2021 | 17:00 BST (UK Time)

Are you overwhelmed by all the advice instructing you on how to be more productive in your creativity?

We are bombarded by methods, blueprints, and must-follow processes that we're told put an end to our procrastination and perfectionism.

And yet despite access to all the information and knowledge, we still struggle to find the time and energy to engage with our creativity.

"The work is often a lot easier than we tend to make it"

There was never a truer word spoken about our approach to creativity.

We make it hard in all manner of ways. And we assume it has to be difficult. So we overthink, over-plan, and over-commit with fanciful demands and perfectionistic expectations.

So we find reasons to put off acting.

"Just one more video!" we say, convincing ourselves that we need to know enough in order to start. We remain comfortably frustrated in the bosom of aspiration, intention, and dreaming.

Information, advice, and solutions are not lacking. And it's actually in the abundance of this stuff that we experience anxiety-inducing scarcity that leads us to inaction.

We don't need more 'how' until we know what it is we want to do. And that only emerges once we get started.

The best way to get moving is to make the stakes so low that there is no pressure on getting it right.

This is why I believe deliberate failure is a great way to jump start the creative engine. And that's what I want to talk about AND experiment with in this free workshop.

A Workshop Dedicated to Creative Failure

I will share a few things I have done to turn failure into a deliberate practice that helps get me creating at the lowest rung of the ladder. I would also love to hear any similar approaches you may have stumbled upon over the years.

Then I will invite you to try one of these practices out with me during the workshop.

This is the part that will make the difference because it's the getting started that holds so many of us back. I don't want to simply leave you with more ideas for how to get started - I know that you probably won't use them! I want to have some fun and get started WITH some creative play along side you.

The event is free. It's 1 hour long. And all you need is:

  • Paper/notepad/sketchbook
  • A means of making marks in it (pencils, pens, paints, crayons, pastels etc - whatever you fancy!)
  • And a willingness to play, mess up, and fail with me.

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Kick off your shoes, relax, and join Brandon Bennett for a meditation to quiet the mind, reduces stress, and enhance inner well-being.

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