A Free Workshop for the Overly Empathic

How to Stop Taking Unwarranted Responsibility for Other People’s Emotions

with Marika Vepsäläinen

Empathy can be a wonderful characteristic. But when it goes overboard, it can take its toll.

Maybe you are frustrated because you feel like people take you for granted. Perhaps you long for more respect from those around you but feel ashamed for desiring it.

Maybe you've developed an inexplicable sense of exhaustion and overwhelm a lot of the time. You might suddenly feel reluctant to spend time with people who you previously enjoyed hanging out with. Or you feel the instinct to bottle up your needs and focus on other people's priorities.

Do you wish that you were less affected by other people’s emotions?

If yes, you might be overly empathic.

Being overly empathic means that you not only sense others’ emotions strongly but also take too much responsibility for easing their heavy and difficult emotional energies. This weighs you down and may make you feel like your empathic abilities are more of a burden than a gift.

However, you don’t have to continue with the same pattern of draining situations and relationships for the rest of your life.

In fact, when applied consciously, your strong sense of empathy gives you a powerful innate capability to return to your center and experience balance within yourself and in all of your relationships.

Signs You Might Be Over-Empathic:

  • You feel that other people take their heavy emotions out on you
  • You feel guilt for other people’s difficult emotional states
  • You believe that you have to feel other people’s emotions for them
  • This makes you feel unsafe and anxious
  • You find it challenging to feel your feeling and needs
  • You feel out of balance
  • It’s hard for you to identify your boundaries and set them in a clear and concise manner
  • You feel powerless and stuck in this pattern
  • You feel like you don’t have enough energy to focus on creating a life that feels authentic

We Will Explore:

  • What over-empathy is and where it comes from
  • How you can stop taking too much responsibility for other people’s emotions
  • How you can feel safer and at home in your sensitive, empathic and intuitive body

The Workshop Will Give You:

  • A basic understanding of over empathy and how it impacts you and those around you
  • Practical awareness about ending the pattern of over-empathy
  • A heart-centered meditation that you can use to strengthen your empathic core
Marika Vepsäläinen is a Coach for Spiritual Growth and Leadership from Helsinki, Finland. She helps sensitive people use their empathic abilities in ways that bring them expansion, well-being and joy.

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