The Extrovert Ideal can breed a one size fits all perception of what confidence looks like. Being the life and soul of the party, talking with bold opinions and communicating a strong sense of what you think and feel about things going on around you. This is what we often think of when we believe we need to be more confident; how we appear to others.

But true inside-out confidence takes us more deeply into who we are, by focussing on three main areas:

  1. Belief in your competence (your ability to do the things you’ve learned/trained for)
  2. Belief in your processes (your ability to adapt to things you’ve not experienced before
    and to learn from previous experiences)
  3. Belief in your own intrinsic worth as a human (falling in love with your own life - with
    your larger self, and your simple sense of being”)

The course contains 4 video modules and a workbook.

Module 1: A Fresh Perspective on Confidence

  • How introverts and highly sensitive people are led to believe that they need to fit in...and why this is untrue and unhelpful
  • The nature of deep inside-out confidence (and how it differs from the common assumptions we have)
  • Why gentle rebel courage is so important in our overwhelming and insensitive world

Module 2: Roadblocks to Confidence

  • The characteristics of Self-Doubt and Impostor Syndrome, why they impact introverts and sensitive types, and how to gently move through it
  • How to embrace the certainty of uncertainty, and use it to your advantage
  • Why fear doesn't need to feel like an unbeatable enemy

Module 3: A Confident Response and an Assured Path Forwards

  • How to write, own, and live your story with confidence and courage
  • Building your survival kit of tools, resources, and people
  • Learn how to embody your competence and enjoy your accomplishments, without letting either define who you are
  • Take small steps in the right direction

Module 4: Relevant Conversations

  • Exclusive interviews with three leading figures
  • The 6 Introvert Strengths: Use Them To Build Quiet Confidence and Influence | With Jennifer Kahnweiler
  • Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength: How to Build Your Introvert Fortress | With Laurie Helgoe
  • Acting Out of Character in The Happiness of Pursuit: Wellbeing, Personal Constructs, and Restorative Niches | With Brian Little

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