I Closed The Door Behind Me [Creative Prompt]

Here’s a prompt to get our creative juices flowing…“I Closed The Door Behind Me”. 

We might explore this phrase from different angles.

  • Is the door keeping something out?
  • Is it keeping something in?
  • Is it hiding something?
  • Protecting someone?
  • Where have we come from?
  • Which side of the door are we on?
  • Are we on our way in or on our way out?
  • Has “it” happened already or is it about to happen?

Questions For Journaling

If you have a journaling practice, you might use the following questions for further reflection.

  • What am I keeping behind closed doors right now?
  • What door am I afraid to close?
  • What is a door I am reluctant to open?
  • Is this closed door keeping something in or out?
  • Is this open door letting something in or out?
  • What could be possible if that door closes?
  • What possibilities might emerge if the door opens?

Go Deeper With The Prompt

Join us in The Haven to explore this from different angles, discover other perspectives, and collaborate with other gentle rebels around this theme.

Our conversation gives rise to different questions and perspectives for us to think about together!

You can explore this through creativity (visuals like art and photography, short stories, poems, songs, etc). Along with our usual informal discussion, there will be an opportunity to share anything anyone has created in response to this prompt.