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Is change a theme in your life at the moment?

  • Maybe there are seasonal changes happening in and around you and you are struggling to find peace.
  • Perhaps you're trying to make sense of and respond to a shock change that has turned your life upside down.
  • Or you might be feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, and bored with the way things're wondering what could come next.

Whatever is happening for you right now, The Gentle Rebel Creative Shift is a bespoke Fireside slow coaching program designed to support you through this season of change. You'll get clear on exactly what you need right now so that you can follow your map with clarity, focus, and peace of mind about the direction you're heading.

You will be equipped with the tools you need to plant and grow your life in a way that feels good to you. And with regular One-to-One check-ins with me, you will receive encouragement and creative accountability that will keep you moving throughout the next six months. This is a bespoke program and sessions are tailored to suit your personal needs, goals, and experiences.

Many gentle rebels sacrifice their deep personal dreams when they put other peoples’ preferences, demands, and desires first. The empathy, compassion and concern that makes them who they are, can actually lead them away from what truly matters most.

  • Are you ready for some support as you discover what you truly want from life or how to navigate this next season?
  • Is it time to answer that intuitive nudge that tells you there is something new waiting for you?
  • Do you want someone with you as you take that next step into the unknown?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, you might be ready for a creative shift.

I help gentle rebels use their natural wholehearted care, creativity, and compassion, as foundations to shift towards an energising and sustainable future.

I specialise in supporting introverts, deeply sensitive people, and creative “misfits“. Gentle rebels who long to create a life that fits who they are, but sometimes struggle to know what that looks like for them.

By believing the assumptions, demands, and expectations from the world around them, they’ve had to bend themselves out of shape in order to squeeze into the unnatural mould.

What Next?

If this is something you'd like to explore, I would love to have a chat to make sure it's right for you. Send me a message below and we can talk about the next steps.

Slow Coaching

The modern world is fuelled by urgency and a demand for instant results. But when we subscribe to this pace of life we risk rushing our decisions about important things. This can lead to regret, frustration, and stagnation.

My Fireside Slow Coaching approach is built around openness, abundance, and patience. By inviting a spirit of curiosity you can begin to grow deep roots in meaningful areas. And as we take time to really explore the possibilities, you will understand your core values and take steps that reflect YOUR genuine desire for life.

Many introverts and deeply sensitive people spend a lot of time and energy serving others. But at the Fireside I gently encourage you to plug in to your own desires, needs, and challenges. We make space for you to be YOU. This is your place of pause, rest, and reflection.

I am a professionally certified coach. If you want to find out more about my qualifications you can check them out here.

TCA Accreditation
DISC Accreditation